Academic Honors Programs

Honors programs at Thurgood Marshall College and UC San Diego have been established to provide exceptionally motivated and capable students with enhanced educational experiences through close interaction with faculty and other honors students.

TMC 20, the TMC Honors Seminar course, is offered Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Honors seminars are open to all TMC Honors program students of all course standings. The seminar encompasses a wide range of topics, led by college faculty and visiting guest lecturers. For students of the TMC Honors Program, a transcript notation is made for each quarter of participation in TMC 20.

Apply to Join the Honors Council!

The Thurgood Marshall College Honors Council serves to address the needs and advance the interests of students within the Thurgood Marshall College Honors Program through meaningful programming and opportunities centered on the college philosophy of “Scholar & Citizen”. Council members assist in planning honors events that connect high achieving students to faculty of diverse disciplines, locally and nationally recognized public figures, community organizations, and outreach both inside and outside the classroom. The deadline to apply is Friday, May 5 at 4:00pm. Applications should be turned in to the Thurgood Marshall College Academic Advising Office.

You can download an application here.

For more info, contact tmchonors@ucsd.edu

Honor Seminars - Spring 2017

DOC Extended Studies Program

An in-depth extension of DOC studies. TMC students will study major issues in the history of the United States with an emphasis on the tension between the nation's founding principles and the inequality and lack of opportunity experienced by various groups over time.

Dr. Jeff Gagnon
Fridays 12-1pm
Location: TMC 127
Section ID: 905716

Journalism of the New York TImes

Cursory look at the nation’s most revered newspaper for the general reader, The New York Times. Each week we will track three stories or editorials and find contexts about how a newspaper journalism supports, dissects, and on occasion mishandles news reporting. The course will also highlight on the newspaper’s unique Public Editor profile - http://www.nytimes.com/column/the-public-editor  Students will receive a free subscription to the New York Times for the duration of the course. 

Provost Emeritus Allan Havis
Wednesdays 1-150p (1st class will take place Wednesday of Week 2)
Location: TMC 127
Section ID: 910783



To become eligible to participate in the TMC Honors Program, students are evaluated as follows:

Incoming Freshmen Students must meet ALL of the following:

Continuing students must meet ALL of the following*:

3.8 High School GPA or higher

Completed a minimum of 12 graded units

Math SAT score of 700 or higher

Cumulative UC GPA of 3.8 or higher

Reading SAT score of 700 or higher

Writing SAT score of 700 or higher

*Transfer students may become eligible for the TMC Honors program following their first quarter at UC San Diego, and are evaluated as continuing students.

Students who are accepted into the TMC honors program must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 to maintain eligibility.  All eligible students are automatically notified by letter and are monitored quarterly.

Winter 2017 - Seminars

Honor Seminars - Winter 2017

DOC Extended Studies Program

Dr. Jeff Gagnon
Fridays 12-1pm
Location: TMC 127
Section ID: 887716

Popular Media and Science

The popular media frequently reports on new and exciting findings from the scientific community. Do these reports accurately describe the methods used in the studies? In this seminar, we will examine current, popular reports on scientific findings and how they are reported. 

Provost Leslie Carver
Mondays 10-11am
Location: TMC 127
Section ID: 887717   


Honors Program Events and Distinction

The TMC Honors Program hosts events throughout the course of the Academic Year.

Events are geared to introduce students to the excitement of pioneering research and innovative scholarship in all disciplines and to create opportunities for discussion on public issues with locally and nationally known figures. These activities are an excellent way for students to meet faculty, expand their horizons, and plan for future coursework.

More information coming soon...