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Unique to Thurgood Marshall College, the Marshall Mentor Program is a year-long program providing transfer students the opportunity to work closely with faculty who will share their knowledge and experience in order to better equip students for study at UC San Diego. Faculty mentors are carefully matched with first year transfer students based on their interests, field of study and educational goals. Originally launched in 2006 the program has served over 600 students. 


Marshall College currently supports 1,800 active transfer students and is welcoming an additional 540 new transfer students in Fall 2017. The mission of the Marshall Mentor Program is to:

  • Increase student interaction with faculty
  • Equip transfer students with the necessary tools to be academically successful
  • Provide students exposure to an expert faculty member in their area of study
  • Build and strengthen leadership skills
  • Educate students about University resources to assist in assimilating to life on campus and becoming more engaged

How does the program work?

  • Open to all new transfer students enrolled in Thurgood Marshall College
  • Applications will go live, near the end of winter quarter, 2018.
  • Applicants that are accepted are required to make a commitment to attend all scheduled activities during the academic year and meet all program requirements
  • Students are matched with faculty based on major, academic interests and other identified criteria
  • Faculty mentors will work with a maximum of three transfer students and may conduct meetings individually as well as in groups
  • Mentees must meet with their faculty mentor once during fall quarter, and a minimum of three meetings per quarter during winter and spring
  • MMP staff will notify students in May, via email of application results

Calendar of Events

Program calendar:

  • MMP application period will being in late winter quarter of 2018
  • Mandatory student orientation – (more information coming soon)
  • Students notified of application status – late April
  • Program begins – Fall Quarter of 2018
  • Faculty orientation lunch - (more information coming soon)
  • Program ends - early June 2019


MMP hosts key events during the academic year for all faculty and students participating in the program. Last years events included:

  • Welcome reception - December, at the UCSD Faculty Club
  • MMP Winter Quarter - January, at UCSD Round Table Pizza 
  • MMP end of the year reception - April, at the UCSD Faculty Club

What is a Faculty Mentor?

A faculty mentor is a professor interested in cultivating vital, academic connections with new Marshall College transfer students. Participating faculty— closely aligned with the student's area of study— will connect with a maximum of three transfer students acting as a guide and a resource throughout the current academic year. Mentors can meet with their students during office hours, over coffee or in their research facilities.

Mentor relationships are a fantastic opportunity to use your talent, knowledge, and ideas to make a difference in a student’s academic growth and development. As a mentor, you will find yourself being a guide, a networking resource and a coach reinforcing positive accomplishments. You have the opportunity to encourage and guide an incoming transfer student in a direction that will enhance their academic career.

If you are interested in serving as a faculty mentor email

Faculty mentors benefit from:

  • Full staff support through-out the program
  • Recognition by Marshall College on the Marshall College website homepage
  • Visibility to their respective department Chair with a letter from the Marshall College Provost stating his/her contribution to the program and student population
  • Participation in Marshall College events through-out the academic year
  • A small research stipend 

What is a Student Mentee?

Mentees are newly enrolled Marshall College transfer students who have applied and been accepted into the MMP program. Mentees must be interested and dedicated to establishing and maintaining meaningful connections with UC San Diego faculty members.

Student mentees benefit from:

  • Guidance, direction, advice, and encouragement from an accomplished UC San Diego faculty member in their area of study
  • Formal and informal networking opportunities
  • Participation in MMP hosted events throughout the academic year
  • Full support of a staff representative in the Academic Advising Office, Student Affairs Office and Provost Office
  • Recognition by Marshall College with a certificate of completion

Meet the Team


Leslie Carver
Provost Thurgood Marshall College
MMP was launched in Fall Quarter 2006 to address the unique needs of transfer students at UC San Diego and is the only college program on campus designed to mentor Transfers throughout the year.



Tylar Pendgraft
College Operations Specialist
Phone: 858-534-4004

denise-odom-photoMichael Gangitano

Senior Academic Counselor
(858) 534-4110

The 2018-2019 student application period opens during winter quarter of 2018. Staff will review applications and will contact students within two weeks of the close of the application with an update on their status. Note - students are NOT automatically admitted into the program as we maintain a max 75 person enrollment limit. Students not admitted into the program are encouraged to pursue informal mentoring relationships with faculty and participate in the TMC peer mentor program "Each One Reach One."

Contact Information


Thurgood Marshall College Admin Building
Provost Office

Office Hours

Call the main office for available walk in hours

Mailing Address

Marshall Mentor Program
Mail Code 0509
UC San Diego
9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92093-0509