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Monica Gonzales

Academic Counselor

Monica Gonzales
As a Marshall College alum, Monica is passionate in providing to the community that helped her grow. She is consistently looking for ways to make a positive impact towards undergraduate students. As one of our Academic Counselors, she is able to provide academic advice when meeting with students. She is knowledgeable in areas of Cognitive Science, Mathematics, Psychology, as well as student involvement.

Monica holds a BS in Cognitive Science from UC San Diego. Originally from the Bay Area, she moved to San Diego in 2015 to begin her undergraduate career. She enjoys going to sporting events, zoning out to music, and playing video games. One thing she would like to share is: “Work hard now to meet your goals. Then everything after will be much simpler. And the best part of it all is that you can enjoy being yourself along the way.”
B.S., Cognitive Science with Specialization in Human Cognition, UC San Diego - Thurgood Marshall College