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Involvement Opportunities

You have an open invitation to join our eclectic mix of student organizations, planning committees, programs, and leadership opportunities. Match your interests with one of Marshall's many opportunities!

Programs for Students

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Marshall Student Organizations

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Seasonal Planning Committees

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Leadership Development

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Check out the resources on event planning, facilities, equipment, and publicity that the Marshall Student Affairs Team can provide for you to make your next event a success.

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The CCR is UCSD's record of your student involvement beyond the classroom. It is part of your academic transcript, which can be shared with future employers, graduate schools, and award applications.

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Why should I get involved at Marshall College?

Hear from our Class of 2020 Marshall students about how they have grown through their involvement in various parts of Marshall College:

"I started this journey by getting involved within the Marshall community through orientation and TMCSC, and LC3. Eventually, I ventured out of Marshall and joined other clubs/orgs/internships/jobs to explore new spaces and develop new interests." - Jon Michael Bernabe, Marshall Class of 2020

"As a a Lead Dean's Intern and Resident Assistant, I forged deep bonds with the community and knew that for the rest of my life, I wanted to continue to support others so that they have the energy, confidence and knowledge to enact change in our world." - Jacqueline Uy, Marshall Class of 2020

"Being a part of the Sociology Honors program,... I had the opportunity to complete an undergraduate thesis with my amazing mentors, Christena Turner and Charles Thorpe...My professors through my time as a sociology major have relentlessly inspired me to push the boundaries." - Brittney Rose, Marshall Class of 2020