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Leadership Development

Check out the leadership development opportunities at Marshall College.

Student Affairs Dean's Ambassadors Program

The Student Affairs Dean’s Ambassadors Program develops equity-oriented leaders who collaborate to foster community at Marshall College through a diverse array of programs and events. Students in this program have the unique opportunity to build their program-planning and event-planning skills, provide administrative support to the Thurgood Marshall College Student Affairs, and grow together as a cohort of student leaders making positive change at Marshall College and beyond.

The growth and learning students can expect in this year-long program is not accidental; it is planned and encouraged! Students will be able to articulate an understanding of Scholar & Citizen, and what it means for them as a student; develop, plan, implement, and evaluate programs/events/projects with minimal supervision; collaborate effectively and respectfully with other team members and campus partners and work effectively and respectfully as a team; and produce programs/events/activities that articulate and advance the College’s values of equity and diversity. Additionally, students will be able to work alongside professional staff of the College to advance the mission of the College.

Applications for 2 First Year Activities Coordinator(s) are available NOW until October 7th at 11:59PM. Apply here:

Applications for continuing positions are available in the Spring Quarter, and acceptance into the program is determined prior to Summer. The program runs year long, beginning in Fall Quarter and concluding in Spring Quarter. A mixture of volunteer and paid positions (Student Affairs Dean's Ambassador and Lead Student Affairs Dean’s Ambassadors) are available.

Advisor: Alicia Miller,

Community Connection & Retention Facilitator

Community Connection & Retention Facilitator have the unique opportunity to partner with the Marshall College Orientation program to put on the social and community-building aspects of Orientation, called Welcome Week. Summer interns are charged with assisting in developing programming and events that help welcome our new and continuing students to UC San Diego and Marshall College. Students selected as Summer interns will have the opportunity to plan this long-standing Marshall College tradition over the Summer, as well as assist in overseeing the events and programs themselves during Orientation. Appointments can expect to conclude once the academic year begins.

Supervisor: Alicia Miller (

Orientation Team

Orientation Leaders, Orientation Assistants, Senior Orientation Leaders, and the Orientation Intern assist the Academic Advising Staff with Marshall College's New Student & Family Orientation Programs. During these programs, the Orientation Team welcomes new students and their families, answers questions, facilitates group discussions, and acts as tour guides. They play a crucial role in promoting the College while introducing student life at Marshall. These positions vary in their time of commitments. All these positions are paid.

Learn more on the Orientation Program Page.

Supervisor: Lizzy Miller (

Residential Life Leadership Opportunities

Resident Assistants (RAs) develop residential communities within the Residence Halls and Apartments of Marshall.  RAs help create a living-learning community that is respectful, fun, safe, and conducive for out-of-classroom learning. RAs possess and develop leadership, counseling, and confrontation management skills. RAs are compensated with Room & Board on the Marshall residence halls or apartments.

Learn more on the Resident Assistant (RA) Selection Page.

Additionally, Residential Service Attendants (RSAs) are the first point of contact for all of your Residential Life needs when you arrive at our office. This position is an excellent way to get started in Marshall leadership and meet a lot of great people in your community. Check out Handshake for job opportunities throughout the year!

Learn more on the Residential Life Involvement Page.

Equity & Justice Fellowship Program

Students will explore various social justice and equity frameworks through experiential learning and restorative practices in a cohort model on topics that range from social identities and lived experiences to the cycle of liberation, cultural capital mapping, and Intersectionality. Fellows will implement an equity-based project for the overall Marshall and UC San Diego community at the end of the two-quarter experience. Applications will be open in the Fall quarter, the fellowship program will run in Winter & Spring quarters. 

Design Team

The Marshall College Design Team is made up of the Graphic Design Intern, Multimedia Intern, Marketing Intern, and Merchandise Assistant. Together, they assist the College in various graphic, digital, and promotional efforts. Each role contributes to the Design Team and the College in a unique way.

The Graphic Design Intern creates graphic designs for college events sponsored by Marshall College (e.g. Family Weekend, Cultural Celebration, Marshallpalooza, etc.), prepare designs for student organizations (Dean’s Interns, Marshall Orgs, Seasonal Planning Committees), and develop creative strategies to communicate with internal and external audiences on social platforms. Through their internship, they will strengthen their skills in graphic design, marketing strategies, and digital communication.

The Multimedia Intern captures and edits photos and videos about student life and events at Marshall College, create video publicity for college events sponsored by Marshall College (e.g. Family Weekend, Cultural Celebration, Marshallpalooza, etc.), and develop creative strategies (via videos/photos) to communicate with internal and external audiences on the College's social platforms. By the end of the internship, they will improve on their photo, video, and marketing capabilities.

The Marketing Intern curates and plans content for Marshall College's newsletters and social platforms. They assist with digital outreach for Marshall events, programs, and initiatives. They also assess our social media analytics and develop strategies to improve our engagement with students. Through this internship, they will grow their oral and written communication, knowledge about digital marketing, and skills in analytics.

The Merchandise Assistant publicizes, manages, and distributes Marshall College inventory. They help develop creative strategies to distribute Marshall College swag through events, social media, giveaways, and storefront sales. They collaborate with the other team members on creating new products for Marshall College, including but not limited to clothing items, stickers, and lapel pins. They manage, organize, pack, and ship the swag and storage items. Through this internship, they will grow in oral and written communication, organization, and marketing.

These positions are paid opportunities. Openings for these positions will be posted on Handshake and announced on social media and in the Marshall Memos newsletter. Be sure to check out their content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,and TikTok.

Supervisor: Chynna Tumalad (

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