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Resources for Student Organizations

Marshall Student Org Leaders and Members, are you planning an event soon? Check out the resources below that the Student Affairs Team can provide for you to make your event a success! 

Event Planning

All events and programs should be evaluated once they are complete to help others plan similar events and to improve upon then in the future.  Evaluation forms must be turned in before reimbursement for any event/program expenses may be processed.

Here are a few steps that will ensure you will get a reimbursement following an event or program.

  • View the Program Evaluation Form prior to planning any events to ensure you know what to look for
  • Following the event, please complete this form as accurately as possible
  • Attach this form to your reimbursements and request approval from your Advisor
  • Once you have advisor approval, take all documents to the Executive Assistant's office and fill out the purple clip board located on the filing cabinet

Risk Management

Facilities and Equipment


Contact the respective people to reserve one of these spaces:

Space Contact Information
Fireside Lounge/Conference Rooms/Patio TMC Residential Life
Angela's Space TMC Residential Life
Cul-de-Sac (by Marshall Uppers) TMC Residential Life
Lumumba-Zapata Hump TMC Residential Life
Marshall Field Sports Facilities
TMCA 126/127 TMC Provost


If you would like to reserve a space in Price Center, the Original Student Center, or Library Walk, please contact One Stop. For Marshall student organizations, no TAP is needed.


Take a look at the Student Affairs Storage Inventory to see what equipment and supplies we already have! Please contact the Program Assistant to access the storage closet.

Food and Entertainment


If you have a budget request for TMCSC, please contact the Vice Chair of Finance (


You will be using the TMC Pre-Authorization Form if you need to pay for any event put on by your student organization. To make every effort to process your purchase orders or reimbursements quickly, please complete all the necessary sections of the form.

Pre-Authorization Reimbursement Form

How to process the TMC Pre-Authorization Form
  • Talk to your advisor about your plans to spend money
  • Talk to the vendor about the payment or purchase the items with your own money
  • Complete the TMC Pre-authorization form
  • Attach all original receipts and a copy of each receipt (make additional copies for your reference)
  • Submit form to the Vice Chair Finance for his/her signature, who will then submit the form to Dean’s Executive Assistant to process.
  • Wait 3-4 weeks to receive your reimbursement check!
  • Questions? Please contact the TMC Student Affairs Office at 858-534-4390 or email Jeanne at

Design and Publications

If you would like some graphic design assistance for event promotion, please email the Program Assistant, Abraham Cheung ( with your request.


Market Your Events

A successful event comes with a successful marketing plan. The Marshall College Student Affairs Staff can help you with promoting your event. Your event can be shared on the following:

  • Marshall Memos Newslettes
    • Marshall Memos is Marshall's weekly newsletter that lists and Marshall and campus wide events happening during the week. They are sent to all registered Marshall students every Monday morning.
    • All submission are due by Thursday at 12:00 pm (noon) the week before your event as Marshall Memos are sent out on Monday mornings (example: an event on Friday of Week 3 should be submitted no later than Thursday of Week 2).
  • Marshall College Administrative Building Lobby Screens
  • Instagram Feed on @yourtmcfamily
  • Instagram Story on @yourtmcfamily
  • Facebook Event on Thurgood Marshall College Facebook Page
  • Facebook Post on Thurgood Marshall College Facebook Page
  • Marshall Student Affairs Calendar

If you are looking to post on any of these forums, please fill out the Promotional Media Request Form, which is also found under the Contact Us page.

Questions about planning your event? Contact us at