Student Rights & Responsibilities

We expect every Thurgood Marshall College student to model respect and civility within the University community and beyond.


UC San Diego Principles of Community

The UC San Diego Principles of Community is a collaboratively developed statement, issued by the chancellor, that provides a framework for diversity and affirms the unique contribution of each member of the UCSD community.

Code of Conduct

Within the UC San Diego communities, honesty, respect and integrity are essential principles. If you are found responsible of misconduct you will be subject to strict disciplinary action. Make sure to know the Student Code of Conduct.

Policy on Integrity of Scholarship

The principle of honesty must be upheld if the integrity of scholarship is to be maintained by an academic community. The University expects that both faculty and students will honor this principle and, in so doing, protect the validity of University grading. This means that all academic work will be done by the student to whom it is assigned, without unauthorized aid of any kind. Instructors, for their part, will exercise care in planning and supervising academic work, so that honest effort will be encouraged. UC San Diego Academic Integrity Office provides information to help understand the relationship between Academic Integrity and You. Read the full Policy on Integrity of Scholarship, as approved by Rep Assembly on June 3, 2014