UC San Diego Community Resources

There are many ways for our diverse student population to connect and find support within the UC San Diego community.

  • UC San Diego Principles of Community
    The Principles of Community serve as guiding principles for students, faculty, and staff in order to create an inclusive and intellectually vibrant community at UC San Diego. 
  • Academic Internship Program (AIP)
    AIP offers students an opportunity to apply academic knowledge and analytical skills in professional settings while earning academic credit. AIP Overview [PDF]
  • ArtPower
    ArtPower  presents performing and media arts that engage, energize, and transform the diverse cultural life of the University and San Diego.
  • Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern Desi American (APIMEDA) Programs and Services
    APIMEDA Programs and Services encourages community development, enhances coalition building with and within the APIMEDA students, staff and faculty, fosters greater visibility for the diversity within the APIMEDA community, and helps students gain skills for success in their future careers. APIMEDA Programs and Services serves students from a variety of ethnic and cultural groups that make up the Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Southwest Asian North African American communities.
  • Black Resource Center (BRC)
    The BRC is a Campus Community Center which serves the entire population of UC San Diego while emphasizing the Black experience. The BRC focuses heavily on access and retention of Black students within the university, and promotes a fun, safe, and comfortable campus climate for all.
  • Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education at the Sexual Assault Resource Center (CARE at SARC)
    CARE at SARC is the UC San Diego advocacy and education office for sexual violence and gender-based violence (dating violence, domestic violence, stalking). CARE at SARC also offers workshops on violence prevention for the entire UCSD campus and provides free and confidential services for students, staff, and faculty impacted by violence, with a focus on survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.
  • Career Services Center
    The Career Services Center assists students and alumni with career-related matters; offering a wide range of programs and services including individual advising sessions, an array of educational programs and events, and an extensive website of career information.
  • Center for Student Involvement (CSI)
    The CSI provides opportunities for all UCSD to become empowered, motivated and experienced leaders and citizens through a comprehensive co-curricular experience.
  • Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
    CAPS is committed to promoting student mental health and well-being at an individual and organizational level, as well as the preservation and sustainability of an environment conducive to growth and lifelong learning. The CAPS website contains a wealth of information and resources helpful to all students.
  • Cross Cultural Center (CCC)
    The CCC strives to create a welcoming and holistic learning environment by empowering the UCSD community to recognize, challenge, and proactively approach diversity across all levels of the university.
  • Emergency Services
    UCSD's Emergency planning has an Emergency Operations Plan in place to respond and act should any campus-wide emergency arise. Emergency Services Brochure [PDF]
  • International Center
    The International Center promotes social, educational, and intercultural awareness, and provides support to international students, faculty, and staff who wish to study, intern or volunteer abroad. The Study Abroad Office is dedicated to assisting students in their study abroad endeavors, from application to departure.
  • Intertribal Resource Center (IRTC)
    The ITRC is a campus resource for all students. In particular, the Center aims to leverage existing resources to create a sense of place and community and provide an important support system for American Indian/Alaskan Native/Indigenous students on campus and to develop positive relationships with our local tribal communities.
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center
    Through programs, resources, research, outreach and advocacy, the LGBT Resource Center creates an open, safe and inclusive space in which homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, heterosexism, and all forms of oppression are challenged. Inherent in the LGBT Resource Center’s mission are the values of respect, pride and unity for all individuals.
  • Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS)
    OASIS offers the majority of the free tutoring on campus in a collaborative and supportive environment, emphasizing the social process of learning and diversity.
  • Office of the Ombuds
    Ombuds provides an alternate channel for confidential, neutral and informal dispute resolution services for the entire UCSD community.
  • Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)
    The OSD works with students to determine reasonable accommodations for a wide variety of temporary and permanent disabilities. The OSD recognizes the unique challenges that students with disabilities may face in and out of the classroom, and welcomes students to dialogue with professional staff in a safe, confidential environment.
  • Outreach Coordinators for International and Out-of-State Students
    The Outreach Coordinators work in the colleges to assist non-resident students with their transition to UC San Diego and helps students get acclimated to campus life and California culture. The Outreach Coordinators focus on International and Out-Of-State students, but also outreach to California students to create campus community and give students the opportunity to meet others from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • Raza Resource Centro (RRC)

    The RRC is pen to everyone but strives to emphasize and foster the access, retention, and graduation of Chicano/a-Latino/a students as well as create strong connections with our surrounding community. Its mission is to "cultivate educational equity by building comunidad."

  • UC San Diego Recreation

    UC San Diego Recreation is dedicated to enhancing wellness, fitness and quality of life for students, faculty, staff, and the community, by providing facilities, programs, activities and the opportunity to participate in cooperative and competitive programs. Recreation provides life-long fitness and wellness opportunities.
  • Student Veterans Resource Center
    The Student Veterans Resource Center provides opportunities for students to connect with groups and resources for veterans, active military, staff, faculty and their families.
  • Women's Center
    The Women's Center is a space in which people work collaboratively to foster the educational, professional, and personal development of diverse groups of women.  The Center provides education and support to all members of UC San Diego regarding gender issues, with the goal of promoting an inclusive and equitable campus community.
  • The Zone
    The Zone offers free programs to students that promote skill development for healthy living, introduces well-being resources to students, and serves as a student space for relaxation, social connections and personal development. The Zone also serves as a resource center for the Student Health and Well-Being cluster.
  • UC San Diego Libraries
    The UC San Diego Libraries include 9 unique libraries, all with special services. Through the Libraries, you can gain access to tons of information you won't find anywhere else. Your UC San Diego ID card serves as your library card.