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Academic Advising


As your Academic Counselors at Thurgood Marshall College, we assist you in understanding your General Education and University of California graduation requirements. We are generalists and approach your advising from a "big picture" perspective.

We can help you:

  • develop suitable educational plans
  • monitor progress toward degree completion
  • integrate unique educational opportunities into your curriculum
  • understand University policies and procedures
  • clarify life and career goals

Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

The Virtual Advising Center is UC San Diego's primary resource for Academic Advising Support. Current students can submit a brief question 24 hours a day through the Virtual Advising Center. An advisor will respond within 24-72 business hours (and often sooner).

Additionally, information on how to meet with an advisor can be found on the Virtual Advising Center.

Important note: The 'Ask a Question' feature is closed for university holidays. Response times may exceed 3 working days during enrollment periods and/or observed campus closures.

Walk-In Advising

Walk-In visits for current students are designed to last 10-15 minutes to ask simple questions of your advisors.  Due to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, Walk-In Advising is now taking place virtually.

Virtual Walk-In topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Degree checks for students with senior standing
  • Review of courses for the current quarter
  • Selection of courses for the upcoming quarter

Students can register for a Virtual Walk-In through the Virtual Advising Center Virtual Advising Center. Virutal Walk-In registration times are updated every Monday.


Appointments to meet with a counselor are available for current students during select weeks in 30-minute increments.  Due to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, Walk-In Advising is now taking place virtually through Zoom.

Students can contact the office one week in advance to schedule an appointment. Typical topics discussed by appointment include:

  • Developing long-range curriculum plans
  • Discussing withdrawal from the quarter and/or the university
  • Students facing academic difficulty, or other challenges that may require a referral
  • Students planning for readmission to the university

Students can schedule advising appointments through the Virtual Advising Center.

Please Note: Curriculum Planning appointments are not available during the first two weeks of the quarter.

Lobby Office Hours

Due to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, the Marshall Advising Lobby is currently closed.  Students can access support related to the Marshall Advising front desk services through the Virtual Advising Center.

During business hours our front desk is available to help students with:

  • Understanding general policies and procedures
  • Submitting academic forms and petitions
  • Scheduling appointments

Need to meet with an advisor?

Review our advising flowchart to find the best office to answer your questions

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