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DOC 2: Arguing Justice

DOC 2, "Arguing Justice," is a six-unit course offered every winter quarter.

Course Description

DOC 2 builds on the critical reading skills practiced in DOC 1 and extends the investigation of the concepts introduced in the fall quarter.  Students hone their argumentative writing skills by explicitly exploring the question of justice in U.S. society, particularly in the era of the Civl Rights Movement to the current day.  For this writing-intensive course, students will be required to complete several small low-risk writing assignments that lay the groundwork for major papers that require planning, drafting, revising, and editing as part of the writing process. 

Prerequisites and Enrollment

Mandatory prerequisites for DOC 2 are completion of DOC 1 and satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing Requirement.  Students who are enrolled in DOC 1 Fall Quarter 2020 and have already satisfied ELWR will automatically be given permission to enroll in DOC 2 during their Second Pass Enrollment Appointments after November 22.  Students who are enrolled in DOC 1 and AWP 3 (Analytical Writing) Fall Quarter 2020 will automatically be given permission to enroll in DOC 2 when their Academic History on TritonLink indicates in mid-December that they have satisfied the ELWR prerequisite.  (Only those students who completed DOC 1 in Fall Quarter 2019 or earlier should plan to submit a request through the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy), and that should not be done until the week of November 23.)    

DOC 2 discussion sections will meet twice a week, starting Week 1.  Adding or switching DOC sections may be done via WebReg as openings occur through Friday of Week 1. Students may not add late or miss the first week of the quarter. Students who are still on waitlists at the end of Week 1 should plan to take DOC 2 in 2022.

This course is restricted to Thurgood Marshall College students, and must be taken for a Letter Grade.

Lecturers for Winter Quarter 2021 (updated 12/14/20)

Although all instruction will be remote and there will be no on-campus DOC classes, the Wednesday lectures will be live and synchronous.  For this reason, students are strongly encouraged to enroll in a DOC 2 lecture at a time when they will be able to be online for at least some of the lectures throughout the quarter. (If it is impossible for students to participate in every synchronous class, they will be able to access recordings of them later.) 

Specific Information for Winter Quarter 2021 (updated 12/30/20)

No student will be able to enroll in DOC 2 before their Second Pass enrollment appointment after November 22.  See "Prerequisites and Enrollment" above. 

All DOC 2 instruction will be delivered remotely, with both synchronous and asynchronous aspects.  For example, all Wednesday DOC 2 lectures will be presented live and synchronous.  In addition, Teaching Assistants will present the first of the two weekly DOC 2 discussion sections live.  In other words, the Tuesday and Wednesday discussions sections will be live and synchronous.  Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in DOC 2 lecture AND discussion section times when they will be able to be online live for at least some of the class meetings throughout the quarter.  (If it is impossible for students to participate in every synchronous class, they will be able to access recordings of them later.)

Enrolled students will access the DOC 2 Syllabus, assignments, additional material, and notices via Canvas.

See the DOC 2 Section Schedule with Teaching Assistants' Names.  Students should verify their section number on TritonLink, since several discussion sections may be meeting at the same time. 


Director's Notice about DOC 2 Grades


Dear DOC 2 Students,

You have made it to week 5 of winter quarter and given the conditions we are in, this is no small feat. I am writing as DOC Director to encourage you to reflect on your participation in the course so far and make plans to complete this quarter as successfully as possible. As you make these plans, keep in mind that the deadline to withdraw with a “W” on your transcript is February 19, and that DOC 2 can only be taken for a letter grade.

Given remote learning in a global pandemic, the DOC lecturers and I have worked hard since the end of spring 2020 to redesign all of the DOC sequence in such a way that maximizes all students’ possibility of passing. This redesign includes:

  1. Allowing for fully asynchronous participation in the courses.
  2. Implementing material support for students suffering from financial hardship.
  3. Strengthening the availability of remote writing support services such as Gwen Fish’s weekly workshops, collaboration with the Writing Hub, and coordination with the OASIS LATS Program.
  4. Automatically making academic accommodations for any student who self-identifies as suffering a negative personal impact due to COVID-19.
  5. Strengthening DOC communication and protocol with the Office of the TMC Dean of Student Affairs to offer university resources to self-identified students struggling with course completion.
  6. For DOC 2 in particular, re-assigning grade percentages so that 55% of your total grade(lecture write-ups, section write-ups, pre-drafting journals, midterm worksheet, asynchronous peer review) is determined by on-time submission of written work that reasonably meets assignment prompt. This means that as long as you submit on time and you are on topic then full credit is awarded automatically for 55% of your grade.
  7. Revising the DOC 2 final paper assignment so that the majority of your paper has been written with opportunity for instructor feedback and help in the preceding ten weeks (i.e. in pre-draft journals and midterm major draft) before final submission.

Because of the extensive work and re-structuring that the program has done to support your learning and ensure that you pass, I am asserting that DOC 2 and DOC 3, as the required writing-intensive courses at the core of the TMC general education requirements, will remain letter-grade only courses. 

If given all of these revisions we have made to the course, however, you are still struggling to submit your work on time, then I invite you to WITHDRAW from DOC 2 with a “W” on your transcript by the Feb 19th deadline. To be clear, if you have submitted little to nothing up to this point, it will be very difficult for you to pass DOC 2. Please consider withdrawal by Feb 19 and discuss your options with TMC Academic Advising through


Dr. Amanda Solomon Amorao
DOC Director

Depicted in image above – top row left to right: Larry Itliong, Dolores Huerta, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Jr. 
bottom row left to right: Patrice Lumumba, Emiliano Zapata, Sojourner Truth, Angela Davis