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Students at Thurgood Marshall College receive the benefits of a large research university as well as the intimate educational environment of a small liberal arts college. At Thurgood Marshall College, the foundation of its liberal arts focus is an educational philosophy emphasizing the development of the learned scholar and responsible citizen.

By choosing Thurgood Marshall College, you can:

  • select any major open to all UC San Diego students
  • enjoy general education requirements that give you the flexibility and time to pursue minors, double majors, and unique educational experiences, such as education abroad and internships.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising at Thurgood Marshall College is an essential element of UC San Diego's commitment to undergraduate education and career planning. Advisors aim to cultivate in students a sense of personal responsibility for their education while guiding them toward self advocacy and clarity of purpose. Advisors shape those outcomes by employing appropriate measures of challenge and support consistent with each individual’s developmental readiness, personal circumstances, and advising needs.

Mission Statement and Learning Outcomes