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Marshall College Faculty

All faculty members appointed in UC San Diego undergraduate departments are affiliated with one of the six undergraduate colleges. Marshall College faculty members represent all of the academic divisions at UC San Diego. The faculty are represented by an elected Chair of the Faculty and a four-member Executive Committee that advises the Provost, takes action on academic policies and other matters of concern to the faculty, and appoints other faculty committees as needed.

Executive Committee

The TMC Executive Committee is responsible for advising the Provost, taking action on academic policies, and general college business.  


2019-20 Student Representatives:

  • Tyler Sepulveda - TMC Student Council Chair
  • Yordanos Tesfai - Lead Resident Assistant
  • Mariana Topich - Transfer Student Representative

DOC Writing Program Advisory Committee

The DOC Advisory Committee advises the Director of the Marshall College Dimensions of Culture Program (DOC) and the Provost Office on matters relating to the College's writing requirements, and participates in the hiring and review of professional staff.

  • Amanda Solomon Amorao, Chair - DOC Director and Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Emily Johnston - DOC Assistant Director and Lecturer
  • Leslie Carver - Marshall College Provost and Professor of Psychology
  • Clare Harrington - Dean of Marshall College Academic Advising
  • Simeon Man - Assistant Professor of History
  • Matthew Nelson - Director of Writing + Critical Expression, The Commons
  • Shelley Streeby - Professor of Literature and Ethnic Studies

Academic Senate Representative Assembly

Faculty Opportunities

Marshall College is as committed today to its founding principles of social justice and social equality as it was in 1970.  As affiliated TMC faculty, you have the opportunity to serve alongside our dedicated staff to enhance the education of our students. Here are a few ways to get involved;

In keeping with its tradition of community service and social activism, Marshall College invites you to participate and become involved in the many activities that the college has to offer.

For more information contact the Provost Office at 858-534-4004 or

Faculty Directory

Below is an alphabetical list of all active faculty members affiliated with Thurgood Marshall College at UC San Diego.
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