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Move-In & Check-In:

Welcome to Marshall College, UC San Diego! We are SO glad you'll be here soon!

Fall 2022 Move-In

  • Fall 2022 Move-In will be held over multiple days, beginning Friday, September 9 through Saturday, September 24, 2022. Please arrive for move-in on your pre-scheduled move-in day. For more information regarding your housing contract please visit the Housing, Dining and Hospitality's Undergraduate Housing website.

MOVING IN & CHECKING IN- How does it all work?

We are excited to see you soon and have prepared this easy guide to set you up for a smooth and successful move-in.

  • First things first: Go to the My Room Assignment page to view your room assignment information. You must reserve your testing and move-in date and time by Tuesday, Sept. 6, at 11:59 p.m(PST).
  • Remember to read and indicate agreement to the Housing Assertions prior to accessing your Room Assignment information.
  • Make sure you are in compliance with the requirements of the Campus Vaccine Mandate. To comply, individuals are required to show proof of vaccination. Compliance with the mandate requires individuals to be fully vaccinated (two weeks after final dose) or have a medical exemption, a religious exception, a disability exception or a deferral.
    • Requests for exception or deferral should be submitted as soon as possible.
  • Please remember to view AND print/bring your QwikPass with you at move-in (in addition to photo ID). Your QwikPass will include the following important information:
    • Your assigned room and bedspace
    • Your campus mailing address (different than your assigned room and building)
    • Your Move-in Date and Time
    • Your Electronic Lock PIN CODE

Planning & Preparation for a Successful Move-in: 

  • Pack essential items only for your initial arrival. After settling in your new space, purchase non-essential items online and ship them to campus through the Amazon Center for easy pick up. You can also plan to visit our campus Target store to conveniently shop on site or pick up an order once you’ve assessed your space on campus.
  • Bring your own hand cart or dolly if needed. There will be limited carts available for check-out, however we suggest bringing your own equipment to maintain a contact-free move-in process.
    • Use rolling luggage and pack smaller boxes that are easy to carry.
    • Reminder - there are limited elevators in the Residence Halls and no elevators in the apartment buildings.
  • Mail services will begin after you move in.
    • Your mailing address and mailbox number will be listed on your Qwik Pass.
    • Note that your room assignment (building name and suite or apartment number) is NOT your mailing address.
  • Download a QR code reader on your mobile device for contact-free information exchange throughout the move-in process.
  • Download a map app (e.g. Google Maps) on your mobile device to help navigate around campus.
  • Remember your Qwik Pass! Print a copy or take a screenshot of your pass to show campus staff on the day of your move-in, along with a valid photo ID.
  • Plan to arrive in one vehicle with no more than two members of your moving party in order to allow for physical distancing.
    • This will be enforced at check-in and unloading. Please email us to request any exceptions.
    • Everyone must wear a mask and maintain respectable social distancing at all times while they are on campus.
  • Enroll in the Daily Student Symptom and Exposure screening tool and begin Student Symptom and Exposure Screening every day. If you have symptoms and live outside of San Diego, seek care with your local provider. It is important that you are healthy when you arrive on campus.
  • If members of your moving party have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 on the day of move in, they will not be able to enter the residential buildings.

On Your Self-Scheduled Move-In Day

  • PLEASE NOTE that your move-in date/time is designed to help make your move-in a smoother process. Any changes to that move-in date/time may result in longer waiting periods for traffic, parking and checking-in.
    • Arrive to campus well before your self-scheduled time slot. Allow yourself ample time to navigate campus and account for traffic or other delays.
    • NOTE: If you miss your reserved time and are unable to get a COVID-19 test, you will not be permitted to move in until the testing center opens the following morning.
    • From the South:
      • Turn RIGHT onto La Jolla Village Drive
      • Continue onto N Torrey Pines Road
      • Turn RIGHT onto Pangea Drive
      • Turn RIGHT onto Scholars Dr North
    • From the North:
      • EXIT on Genesee Ave West
      • Turn LEFT onto North Torrey Pines Rd
      • Turn LEFT onto Pangea Drive
      • Turn RIGHT onto Scholars Dr North
    • Find a parking space in P-304
  • TMC Check-in Step One: TESTING
    • Once you have parked, follow signs to Asante Classroom in ERC infront of Pangea Parking Lot - both COVID-19 testing and Check In will take place here.
    • Upon arrival you will receive a COVID-19 test; done by a health care provider with an anterior nares swab collection. Members of your moving party will not be tested, but screened for symptoms.
  • TMC Check-in Step Two: KEYS
    • ALL STUDENTS: After completing COVID-19 testing, students will need to provide a photo ID and their QwikPass. Students will receive the following:
      • Room keys
      • Photo ID or Keycard
      • A parking pass/map to be used for unloading ONLY
    • MOVE IN PARTIES: While your student is checking-in for their keys, please return to your vehicle and begin unloading if your student will be moving into the Residence Halls. If your student is moving into the Lower or Upper Apartments, please wait for your student to return with driving directions.
  • You and your move-in party MUST be masked throughout the ENTIRE move in process and when moving about campus. Please respect social distancing.
  • Elevator use is restricted to one student and their moving party at any given time
  • AFTER UNLOADING: Once you have unloaded, you may park in designated spaces in the Pangea Parking Structure or in the Hopkins Parking Structure for the duration of the move-in process.
    • There is no parking grace period prior to the beginning of the quarter. Permits must be obtained when parking on the weekdays. Day permits can be purchased at the Pangea Parking Structure or the Hopkins Parking Structure.
  • Please note that areas of the campus will be very congested with move-in traffic, especially during the weekends, so expect some delays and/or limited accessibility to parking adjacent to the living areas. Per residence life policy, after move-in, only residents of a building and building staff will be permitted to enter that building.

PHASE I and PHASE II - Post Move-in precautions

Because SARS-CoV- 2, the virus which causes COVID-19, may not result in an infection for up to 14 days after an exposure and because many may not develop symptoms when infected and are potentially infectious to others, all residents agree to a Phase I and Phase II protocol upon move-in.

  • Phase I requires an in-person COVID test prior to move-in;
    • Additional self-administered tests are required on Day 5 and 10 after moving in.
  • During Phase I, masking in residential units (suites and apartments) is required at all times;
    • Except in one’s personal bedroom or while in the shower.
  • All undergraduate residential units will move to Phase II on the same date;
    • Phase II will be announced after all testing requirements are completed, results are available and conditions on campus and San Diego indicate this can be done safely.
  • In Phase II, residents will no longer be required to mask within their suite or apartment.

Whether in Phase I or II, students are not allowed to visit other residential units, and visitors and guests are not allowed in residential buildings.

  • We implement the Phase I and Phase II protocol to minimize the chance of any resident inadvertently introducing virus into the community or residential unit (your suite or apartment).
  • During Phase I and Phase II you’ll be meeting with your RA to discuss other ways you and your fellow residents can keep your community safe and secure.


We highly recommend reviewing these resources:

Additional Information About Living at Marshall:

We all understand that times continue to be uncertain given the constant changes with this pandemic, but one thing is certain: The health and wellness of our community depends on everyone supporting one another. As you finalize travel plans and preparation for the academic year, take care, be kind, stay safe, and we’ll see you soon!



New Student Orientation

  • Learn more about your Orientation to Marshall College here!
  • Orientation is an exciting & required next step for your entry and transition into UC San Diego!
  • Learn about the many resources and opportunities that are available at UC San Diego and Marshall College.
  • Gain insight into the Marshall philosophy and academic mission.
  • Meet new and current students, as well as staff and faculty.
  • Discover how to be an involved citizen in your new community.
  • Learn how family members can support their student during the transition to life at UC San Diego.

Marshall College Residential Life Office Hours

Our office is open and functioning with limited staff in keeping with COVID-19 safety precautions. Call or email our office as needed at (858)534-4340 or 

Read more about UC San Diego's Fall Plan 2022 Return to Learn and please check back regularly for new updates. 


Who do I contact for...?

  • Contracts, Billing and Room Assignments: UCSD Housing*Dining*Hospitality Services. Website:; Email:; Phone: 858-534-4010

Housing Assignment Information

  • Log on to with your User ID and Password to the "my room assignment" page.

  • You will be able to see your housing assignment.

  • You will be able to see your roommate(s).

  • You will be able to see your scheduled move-in date and time.

Room Assignments

  • On the Room Preference website, rank your preferences for room type (single or double).

  • Students who have a need for special housing accommodation (e.g. medical, religious) must register with the Office for Students with Disabilities.