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Frequently Asked Move-In & Check-In Questions

Is Early Check-In an option?

Yes. All Frosh will need to move-in on September 18, 2019. Returning students can select the early move-in option once they receive their room assignment. Early move-in accommodations will be made based on availability and with additional fees.

I'm confused. Didn't I request my friend as a roommate?

Roommate requests were limited this year due to the large amount of incoming freshmen. Room placements are randomized and room type preference is considered when possible. A successful roommate request is sometimes challenging and requires both/all three residents to select the same room type preference as well as have turned in their housing application by the deadline. We are thus unable to grant many of the requests submitted due to these unmatching elements. If you didn't end up with a hopeful roommate, we are positive that you will take this opportunity to get to know other people in your new community, and rest assured that your friend will be a nearby neighbor! 

What should I bring with me to move in?

Great Question! Please don't bring the whole house... there isn't enough room! Please see our link for what to bring and what NOT to bring to campuss when you move in. PLEASE do not bring your own furniture! You will not have space for anything additional, so please honor that and respect your roommate(s) needs as well.

When I check in should I bring everything I need to move into my room?

Yes and no. You will be moving into your assigned housing space for the school year. Bring what you need- the essentials- but if you can wait on items that take up a lot of space, please do so until you actually see your space in person and check in with your roommates about items that you all decide to share for the year. Of course you can later purchase more items you need later. :)

Is there a place for my family and parents to stay during move in? Are there hotels nearby?

Triton Family Destinations

Great news, there is!

UC San Diego Parent & Family Programs and Marshall College Residential Life have partnered with Bartell Hotels to offer parents, students, families, alumni, and friends reduced hotel rates at some of the finest properties in San Diego. You'll be comforted to know tha every time you stay at one of the Bartell Hotels’ seven distinguished properties, they will donate a percentage of that total room cost to support student scholarships at UC San Diego and promote university events.

To take advantage of these special rates and make a reservation for your family, call (800) 345-9995 or visit

Sheraton La Jolla Hotel Across the street from UCSD
The Dana on Mission Bay 10 minutes from UCSD
Days Hotel – Hotel Circle / SeaWorld 13 minutes from UCSD
Pacific Terrace Hotel 14 minutes from UCSD
Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside 17 minutes from UCSD
Humphreys Half Moon Inn & Suites 19 minutes from UCSD
Best Western Plus Island Palms 20 minutes from UCSD


What is my mailing address and how do I receive mail?

The online room assignment page lists both your building/room location and your mailbox number.  This mailbox number is what you use as a mailing address, NOT your room/apartment location.  Mail must be addressed as follows:

Your Name Here
#_ _ _ _ _ (list your full mailbox number here)
9450 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA  92092

You will be sharing a mailbox with your household (suitemates or apartment-mates)

Campus Mail Services will not begin accepting mail or packages until the Monday AFTER Move- In. Anything received before this date will be returned to sender. 

I live in a triple, what furniture am I assigned to?

When you are assigned to a room with more than one person, you are assigned a letter- a,b, or c. Furniture is also assigned accordingly:

Note: There are two dressers with a total of six drawers.  Each person should have 2 drawers. Each room will also have 2 closets, 1 for space “a” and another for space “b.”  Person assigned to space "c" will have a wardrobe under their lofted bed.

  • If you are assigned to the “a” bedspace, your bed is the lower bunk and your desk is located near the closets
  • If you are assigned to the “b” bedspace, your bed is the upper bunk and your desk is in-between the bunk beds and the lofted bed.  
  • If you are assigned to the “c” bedspace, your bed is the loft and your desk and wardrobe are under your lofted bed.

Is the mandatory "House/Community Meeting" really mandatory?

Yes it is!  Attend and meet your community and RAs! Otherwise, you must make arrangements with your RA to attend an alternate meeting. It is very important, and part of your responsibility as a resident, and you will soon learn that information is reviewed at this meeting for both new and continuing students. 

When should parents/ guardians/family/ friends leave after assisting with move in?

Leave when you are ready.

If you are looking for a recommendation, Residential Life knows that YOU will be VERY busy during orientation, have plenty to do during Welcome Week and then you will be busy with house meetings and getting to know your suitemates. However, after moving in, please consider taking some time to spend quality time with the family and say goodbye! You will have time during the rest of the week to unpack.

Remember, we are a Marshall Family, you are part of this family and family is always welcome to attend events. However, residents also need to prepare for their new lives here so leaving when the time is right is critical. Please also note note parents, family, and guests are only are not permitted to sleep in common room areas. See above for suggested places to stay near campus during this transition.

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