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Residential Leadership Opportunities

TMC Residential Life offers you the opportunity to get involved. Read below to find out which opportunity suits you best.

  • Resident Assistant
  • Building Council
  • Intramurals Organizer

Resident Assistant (RAs)

As a staff member Thurgood Marshall College, the Resident Assistant has the responsibility of fostering a welcoming, safe and inclusive community. Your leadership will inspire student involvement; encourage student development and identity awareness by providing educational, cultural and social awareness activities. Our goal is empower students to facilitate roommate communication and navigate through conflict. All Resident Assistants are UCSD undergraduate students with a minimum of one academic year experience at UCSD and have demonstrated experience living in a group setting.

Residential Service Attendants

Residential Service Attendants (RSAs) are the first point of contact for all of your Residential Life needs when you arrive at our office. This position is an excellent way to get started in TMC leadership and meet a lot of great people in your community. Check out PortTriton for job opportunities throughout the year!

Student Committee on Residential Engagement (SCORE)

SCORE will not be an active committee for academic year 22-23. SCORE is a resource for making your voice and vision realized in a meaningful way. Students organize, host, and execute projects in collaboration with RAs, TMCSC and ICRA. SCORE promotes community engagement and is the medium for making a lasting impact on the residential experience at TMC. We focus our energy through perspectives on culture, conservation, and philanthropy in order to further the TMC philosophy of {know, check, be} and learning as scholars and citizens. We are always looking for new members, so come by to a general body meeting.  Check out our Marshall College Residents Facebook group for more information.

Student Projects

Getting involved doesn't just mean attending club meetings. It means being a part of the community and contributing to the continual cultivation of TMC, UCSD, and beyond. Please check out the links below for examples of current and past student projects.

Community Garden Project
Community Garden Proposal [PDF] - Ongoing; SCORE (2011-12, 2012-2013), ACT (2011-12)

More information on getting involved at UCSD and Marshall College…