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Provost Leslie Carver invites all Marshall college alumni to connect to the college and get involved. Alumni are an integral part of Marshall College, and your support helps us to achieve our goal of building an interconnected, diverse and aware community. Through Marshall College and UC San Diego Alumni, there are countless ways to get involved on campus and connect with undergraduate students, leadership and college programming. Whether your passion drives you to volunteer, host a student event, or serve as a mentor to our students, Marshall College hopes you will stay connected. 

Connect Now


Phone: 858-534-4004



Engagement Opportunities

Volunteer your time, energy and expertise at college events/programs. Examples; Triton Day (April), Commencement (June), Film Studies Minor, Public Service Minor, New Student Orientation (September), Emerging Leaders Program, Honors Program, Marshall Mentor Program.

College Events
The college welcomes alumni to attend all events hosted througout the year including the Marshall College Speaker Series, Artist in Residence Program, Public Arts Initiative and much more. Check calendar for regular updates.

Participate in college courses as guest visitor and meet with student groups to share information about your student and alumni experience, career path and more.

Triton Tables
The UC San Diego Alumni Association invites you to host a Triton Table at your home or a venue of your choice. As a host, you agree to provide dinner for up to 10 undergraduate students and create an informal and welcoming environment where you can share your Triton experience and life after UCSD. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and your advice. This is a great way to give back and impart valuable wisdom to the next generation of UCSD alumni.

Marshall College depends on the generosity of our alumni, parents, and friends to support the activities and programs that have made the college a special place for generations of UC San Diego students. We rely on gifts to maintain and strengthen our students' quality of education at UC San Diego—both inside and outside of the classroom—as well as the overall college experience.