Dimensions of Culture Program


The year-long Dimensions of Culture Program introduces TMC students to major issues in the history of the United States with an emphasis on the tension between the nation's founding principles and the inequality and lack of opportunity experienced by various groups over time.  Topics include:

  • successive waves of immigration
  • the formation of stratifications based on gender, class, "race," religion, and other categories
  • the social movements that struggled to fulfill the founding ideals
  • the role of institutions in the delivery of justice and equity, and
  • the cultural production that has been shaped by these issues.  
All three courses in the lower-division DOC sequence provide undergraduate students with a critical language that allows them to analyze social problems in an intelligent and grounded fashion.  In addition to attending core curriculum faculty lectures, students will participate in small discussion sections led by graduate student Teaching Assistants. 

For information about DOC 100D, please see "Upper-Division DOC Courses" at left.

Learning Outcomes

Although each of UCSD’s six colleges houses its own unique writing program, they share common goals. Among these are the learning outcomes reported to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) for UCSD's accreditation. 

DOC students are expected to: 

  • develop and refine critical thinking skills
  • develop an ability to read, understand, and analyze diverse genres and formats
  • revise and refine written communication on the levels of argument, evidence, grammar, style, etc.
  • learn and follow a proper citation protocol (MLA)

UC Writing Requirement

Successful completion of the lower-division DOC sequence (1, 2, and 3) satisfies the University of California Writing Requirement, as well as part of the Thurgood Marshall College General Education requirements.  Prospective students must satisfy the University’s Entry Level Writing Requirement (formerly "Subject A") before enrolling in DOC 2 or DOC 3.

Letter for Admissions Officers at other institutions [pdf]

Depicted in image above – top row left to right: Larry Itliong, Dolores Huerta, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Jr. bottom row left to right: Patrice Lumumba, Emiliano Zapata, Sojourner Truth, Angela Davis