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2024 commencement 

Congratulations, Class of 2024! We look forward to celebrating you!

Thurgood Marshall College 2024 Commencement Ceremony
Sunday, June 16, 2024
6:00*–8:00 p.m. PST 

Location: Warren Field

(*TMC graduate check-in time TBD)

Check for the most updated information regarding registration, regalia, guest policies, transportation and security!

For questions, please email


Commencement registration is now open! Students must register online at to receive a ticket to attend commencement and to have their name in the commencement booklet. Commencement registration will be open through May 23rd however, if you would like your name added to the commencement booklet, please register no later than May 1st.  Students who register for commencement by the deadline will be able to access and print their commencement ticket through the registration website beginning Friday, June 7, 2024.  


The June 2024 commencement ceremony is intended for the Class of 2024, which includes graduates with 135 units by the end of Winter 2024 and completing their degree in Fall 2023, Winter 2024, Spring 2024, Summer 2024, and Fall 2024.

Participation in commencement does not constitute official graduation from the University. 

Commencement vs. Graduation

Official graduation and participating in the Commencement Ceremony are two separate things. Make sure to review all important graduation information here.

  • Graduation is the term used to describe when a student has completed all requirements and his/her degree has been officially posted to the academic record. Students must complete a Degree and Diploma Application (DDA) to file for graduation. Graduation eligibility is coursework completion and is not required for commencement participation
  • Commencement is a voluntary ceremony held in June each year in which eligible seniors are welcome to participate. Participation in commencement does not constitute official graduation from the University.

All Campus vs. College Commencement Ceremony

The All Campus Commencement Ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 15, and is open to eligible students across the seven Colleges, and will feature a keynote speaker. Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla and other campus leadership will recognize the Class of 2024 at this campus-wide celebration.

The Thurgood Marshall College Commencement Ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 16 and is open to eligible Marshall students. Marshall’s ceremony will feature an alumni speaker as well as a student speaker, and students will have the opportunity to hear their names read as they walk across the stage.

Both the All Campus and the Marshall College Commencement Ceremonies are voluntary.


Many students have given their "MarStoles” to special supporters whom they felt had been key contributors in the achievement of college graduation. This stole will be worn over your regalia to showcase your pride in Marshall College.

Class of 2023: Be sure to check your email for our Senior Marshall Memos Newsletter every Wednesday for future information on commencement and Marstoles. 

Scholar & Citizen Awards

Marshall College Awards

Marshall College, in partnership with a number of UC San Diego departments and organizations, presents several awards to students who show dedication to their studies and a commitment to the activities and mission of Marshall College.

  • Provost's Academic Excellence Award
  • Thurgood Marshall Award of Academic Distinction
  • Academic Advising Leadership Award
  • Outstanding Faculty Award
  • Outstanding Senior Award
  • Allan Havis Scholar, Citizen, and Distinguished Artist Award

Leadership and Service Awards

In addition, the following Thurgood Marshall College Leadership and Service Awards are designed to recognize students whose undergraduate careers have included distinguished accomplishments in leadership, service, involvement, and academic achievement.

  • Dr. Joseph Watson Provost Award for Exemplary Leadership and Community Service
  • Dean’s Award for Leadership and Service
  • Alumni Association Outstanding Senior Award
  • Transfer Leadership Award
  • Oceanids Service and Leadership Award
  • Distinguished Senior Service Award

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