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DOC 3: Imagination + Action

DOC 3, "Imagination + Action," is a six-unit course offered every spring quarter. 

Course Description

As the culmination of the sequence, DOC 3 aims to develop students' research processes.  Students will have to use their critical reading and writing skills to produce a final research paper that analyzes an issue on the UC San Diego campus related to the larger structural iniquities and questions of justice that ground the DOC sequence.  Students will not only analyze the issue of their choice as it relates to campus, but also propose a solution or action supported by their research.  DOC 3 thus takes seriously the call to imagine institutions differently that defined the establishment of Thurgood Marshall College in 1970.

Prerequisites and Enrollment

The DOC sequence must be taken in order – no exceptions.  Successful completion of DOC 2 is a mandatory prerequisite of DOC 3.  Students who are enrolled in DOC 2 Winter Quarter 2023 will be allowed to add DOC 3 during their Second Pass Enrollment Appointments after February 26.  (No one will be able to add DOC 3 during the First Pass Enrollment Appointments, even if they completed DOC 2 in 2022 or earlier.)  If a student receives a failing course grade ("F") in DOC 2, they will need to drop DOC 3 on WebReg before March 27. 

DOC 3 discussion sections will meet twice a week, starting Week 1.  Failure to attend the first discussion section meeting may result in the student losing his/her space in the course. Adding or switching DOC sections may be done via WebReg as openings occur due to dropping through Friday of Week 1. Students may not add late or miss the first week of the quarter. Students who are still on waitlists at the end of Week 1 should plan to take DOC 3 in 2024.

This course is restricted to Thurgood Marshall College students, and must be taken for a Letter Grade.

Lecturers for Spring Quarter 2023

Please see the Schedule of Classes for more information.

Specific Information for Spring Quarter 2023

Enrolled students will be able to access the DOC 3 Syllabus, assignments, additional material, and notices through Canvas

The 2023 DOC 3 Section List with Teaching Assistants' Names will be posted here by Week 1 Spring Quarter.  Students should verify their section number on TritonLink, since several discussion sections may be meeting at the same time. 

Depicted in image above – top row left to right: Larry Itliong, Dolores Huerta, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Jr. 
bottom row left to right: Patrice Lumumba, Emiliano Zapata, Sojourner Truth, Angela Davis