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Academic Opportunities

Marshall Students are able to engage in academic opportunities offered through the college and across the university.  At Marshall, students can develop early connections with faculty, staff and resources by enrolling in a First Year or Transfer Year Experience course. They can learn more about the college’s mission and philosophy by enrolling in one of the many courses that Marshall has to offer. Students can also enhance their academic experience by seeking challenges and opportunities for growth through the TMC Honors Program and/or Studying Abroad.

These opportunities as well as the campus programs listed below present a unique way for students to become more engaged both inside and outside of the classroom.

Campus Opportunities

Academic Internship Program

The Academic Internship Program offers students the opportunity to apply academic theory and research to address challenges and issues in the real world while earning academic credit.

Student internships are available in a variety of settings: a political office in Washington, D.C., a conservation group in San Francisco, a medical laboratory in San Diego, or any number of other possibilities. 

Partners at Learning Program

The Partners at Learning Program allows students to participate in public service for academic credit through EDS 130, 131, 134, 136, 137, or 138, each taken with the co-requisite EDS 139.

Students regardless of major satisfy one disciplinary breadth requirement with writing by enrolling in any one of these courses to tutor and mentor students in local elementary, middle & high schools or UC San Diego’s charter school, The Preuss School. 

TIES for Engineering Majors

Teams In Engineering Service is an innovative academic program that offers hands-on engineering work in educational and non-profit sites in the local community. Through the Public Service Option, participants can satisfy one upper-division disciplinary breadth requirement regardless of their choice of major.