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File your Degree & Diploma Application (DDA) one quarter before your scheduled quarter of graduation. Graduation is the term used to describe completion of all requirements and the official posting of a student’s degree to their academic record.

Graduating Quarter

Application Opens

Application Deadline


First day of Summer Session I

Friday of finals week, 
Summer Session II


First day of Fall Quarter

Friday of finals week, 
Fall Quarter


First day of Winter Quarter

Friday of finals week, 
Winter Quarter


First Day of Spring Quarter

Friday of finals week, 
Spring Quarter* (See below)

Missing the deadline or filing for the wrong quarter of graduation will delay processing of your degree. Contact Marshall Academic Advising via the Virtual Advising Center with any questions.

*Summer 2020 Grads:

Didn't file your DDA by the deadline? You can still submit your DDA online through Friday of Finals Week, Summer Session II. All Summer grads will be processed at the end of Summer Session II.

Retroactive Graduation Filing

If you didn’t file a Degree & Diploma Application (DDA) for the quarter that you completed your final coursework and/or requirements, you will need to request that a DDA be filed on your behalf.

To do so, please contact Marshall Academic Advising through the Virtual Advising Center using the ‘Ask A Question’ feature. Please submit a formal request to be retroactively filed for graduation, and inform us of the quarter in which you completed all academic requirements.

Please note that retroactive graduates are not eligible for Priority Posting.

Senior Checklist

Monitor your Degree Progress

Review your degree audit regularly to verify the current status of your courses. A red “X” indicates that a requirement has not been fully satisfied, blue dots indicate that a requirement is in-progress, and a green check-mark indicates that a requirement has been met.

Plan to meet with your major advisor during your final quarter to ensure all requirements for your major have been met.

File your Degree & Diploma Application (Required)

File your Degree and Diploma Application (DDA) one quarter before your scheduled quarter of graduation. Your quarter of graduation is the quarter in which all requirements for graduation have been met and all coursework has been completed.

Filing a DDA does not ensure graduation. It will be subject to the review and approval by your major department, the College and the Office of Academic Records.

Update your Permanent Address

Ensure that your permanent address is up-to-date on TritonLink, as this is where your diploma will be mailed.

To update your address on TritonLink:
  • Log into TritonLink
  • Under "Toolbox" --> "Personal Tools", click "Addresses"
  • Click the "Mailing Address" tab
  • Click the Change button for the Current Address or Permanent Address

Commencement (Optional)

The 2020 virtual commencement for Marshall graduates is scheduled to be held at 9:00am (PDT) on Saturday, June 13, 2020. Students must register to participate in the virtual commencement and may do so by visiting To have your name displayed during the virtual commencement, you must register and opt-into having your name displayed by no later than May 26, 2020 by 11:59pm.

For specific questions regarding UC San Diego's virtual commencement ceremonies, email

Degree Conferral Timeline

It takes approximately 30-90 days from when grades are posted for your degree to be officially conferred and mailed. Your diploma will be mailed to the permanent address listed on TritonLink.

For Summer Graduates: All summer graduates will be processed at the conclusion of Summer Session II, regardless of the session that coursework was completed.

Completing coursework outside of UCSD in your Final Quarter: If you are completing coursework at another institution (domestic or abroad) in your final quarter, you must request that a copy of your official transcript be sent to UCSD Admissions upon course completion.

Please note: It takes 6-8 weeks for transfer coursework to be posted to your Academic History once it has been received by Admissions. Delays in the receipt or posting of transcripts can delay the processing of your degree.

Priority Posting of Degree

Priority posting is available for students who need their degrees posted to their academic records sooner than the typical 30-90 day processing period due to graduate school admission (i.e., medical, law, pharmacy, dental, etc.), employment, military service, or participation in a specialized program upon graduation from the university (i.e., Teach for America, Peace Corps, etc.). Once your degree has been sent to and received by the Office of the Registrar for final review and approval, it will take 2-3 weeks to post your degree to your academic record, if not sooner. 

You must file a priority posting form [PDF] at the Academic Advising Office with proper documentation (employment letter, graduate school admissions offer, etc.). Students who submit their priority posting request via e-mail should send their form and all supporting documents to Once your request has been reviewed, you will receive a notice via the Virtual Advising Center confirming receipt of your request and whether or not your request has been approved, based on the documentation provided.

Applying for priority posting by the appropriate filing deadline below guarantees that your finalized audit will be sent to the Records Office with priority posting. 

Priority Posting requests must be emailed to Marshall Academic Advising by the following dates:

Quarter of Graduation

Priority Posting Deadline


Friday of of Finals Week, Fall Quarter


Friday of Finals Week, Winter Quarter


Friday of Finals Week, Spring Quarter


Finishing courses in Summer Session I

  • Friday of Finals Week, SSI

Finishing courses in Summer Session II

  • Friday of Finals Week, SSII

NOTE: Students who complete their final quarter outside of UC San Diego are advised to contact Marshall Advising prior to requesting priority posting.

Retroactive graduates are not eligible for Priority Posting. 


Upon degree conferral, students are not allowed to continue taking classes at UC San Diego as undergraduate students. Students may only attend courses through Summer Session, the Concurrent Enrollment Program at UCSD Extension, or as admitted graduate students.