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Petitions and Exceptions

Students may petition college or university policies through the TMC Academic Advising office. Undergraduate petitions may encompass the following:

  • Utilizing transfer or study abroad coursework to satisfy TMC General Education requirements
  • Repeating a course in which the student earned two non-passing grades
  • Exceptions to Academic Senate Policies and/or deadlines due to extenuating circumstances.

All college and university policy petitions must be submitted using the Marshall College Petition Submission Form.  Students can access the form through the Virtual Advising Center.

For more information about the types of student petitions processed by the Marshall College Academic Advising Office, please explore the content below.  If your circumstance is not listed below, please contact Marshall Academic Advising through the Virtual Advising Center for more information.

General Education Petitions

Thurgood Marshall College accepts GE petitions for students who wish to utilize courses from other institutions, or courses not listed on the General Education page, that encompass the philosophy of the Marshall GEs. All petitions must be submitted using the Undergraduate Student Petition Form [PDF].

Transfer Coursework from other institutions

Students may petition to use coursework from other institutions by submitting an undergraduate student petition [PDF] form and a course syllabus.  If the student has completed the course, an official transcript will need to be submitted to the UCSD Office of Admissions and Relations with schools.

UCSD Courses not listed on the GE sheet

Students may petition UCSD courses that are not currently listed.  It is recommended that students meet with an Academic Advisor during Virtual Walk-In Hours before submitting a petition for UCSD Coursework.

All petitions for UCSD coursework must include the undergraduate student petition [PDF] and the course syllabus.  A course description may be used if the syllabus is unavailable; please contact TMC Academic Advising for more information.

Study Abroad Coursework

All coursework taken abroad must be petitioned in order to utilize the course for Marshall GE requirements. 

Students petitioning Study Abroad Coursework must submit an undergraduate student petition [PDF] and the Course Syllabus (course descriptions will not be accepted). 

If the course being petitioned is for a Significant Writing requirement, students must submit their course papers in addition to the information listed above.

Academic Senate Policy Petitions

The Academic Senate at UC San Diego requires students to petition of university policies, including, but not limited to:

  • Retroactive withdrawals (with and without a ‘W’) from a course, or from a Quarter
  • Retroactive or Extension of Incomplete
  • Retroactive Add Course
  • Exception to Graduation Requirements
Please note that there are additional university policies that may need to be approved by the Academic Senate.
If you wish to petition an Academic Senate policy, we strongly advise students to meet with TMC Academic Advising during Virtual Walk-In Hours, as petitions to the Academic Senate are considered on an exceptional basis.

Course Repeat Petitions

Students in good academic standing may request to repeat a course in which they have received a non-passing grade (D, F or NP) two times.

A message must be submitted to the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) with the following information:

  • The course and quarter during which a student wishes to repeat it
  • The student’s proposed course schedule for the quarter
  • Obstacles that prevented success in previous attempts
  • Steps student will take to pass the courses
Students will be notified via the VAC of the outcome.

Please note that a request to repeat a course for a third time is not guaranteed approval. Additionally, students may not repeat courses in which a passing grade (C- or better) was earned; please see the Academic Senate Policy on repetition of courses for more information

Additional Petitions

Maximum Units

TMC Students are permitted the following number of units:


Maximum Units

Double Majors


Engineering Majors


All Other Majors


Students who will exceed maximum units are required to petition with TMC Academic Advising.  If you believe that you will exceed Maximum Units, please contact Marshall Advising through the Virtual Advising Center..

Senior Residency

Students who will not be completing 35 of their final 45 units at UC San Diego (due to studying abroad or taking courses at another institution) must petition the Senior Residency requirement prior to Graduation. 

To learn more, please contact TMC Academic Advising via the Virtual Advising Center.

Double Major Petitions

Students who wish to declare a second major must submit a Double Major Petition.

Students may submit a double major petition after they have reached 90 units.  Petitions must be approved by both academic departments before being submitted to TMC Academic Advising. 

To learn more, and to obtain the Double Major Petition form, please review the information on TritonLink.