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Academic Advising Mission and Goals


Academic Advising Mission Statement

Academic Advising at Thurgood Marshall College is an essential element of UCSD’s commitment to undergraduate education and career planning. Advisors aim to cultivate in students a sense of personal responsibility for their education while guiding them toward selfadvocacy and clarity of purpose. Advisors shape those outcomes by employing appropriate measures of challenge and support consistent with each individual’s developmental readiness, personal circumstances, and advising needs.


  • Assist students in navigating the complexities of University policies and procedures that
    result in timely degree completion.
  • Help students develop ambitious and realistic academic plans.
  • Foster in students an understanding that their undergraduate education goes well
    beyond the classroom and sets the trajectory for their personal and professional lives.
  • Encourage students to utilize the wide-ranging support services provided on the UCSD
  • Promote student appreciation for diversity and ethical behavior.
  • Inspire students to develop a passion for informed action and civic engagement.
  • Encourage students to support and work toward equity and access for all.


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