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Complete MyCompass, your introduction to UC San Diego!

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Register for New Student Orientation, which takes place in September.

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Review Your Marshall College GE Requirements

All Marshall Students must complete General Education requirements along with their major requirements.

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GE Requirements for Transfer Students: Select Your Agreement

IGETC or Partial IGETC Certification

For students who attended a California Community College and received an IGETC or Partial IGETC Certification.

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UC Reciprocity

For students who completed all lower-division GE requirements at their previous UC institution.

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Articulation (No Transfer Agreement)

Transfer students without IGETC, Partial-IGETC or UC Reciprocity are considered Articulation.

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Navigating Your Student Degree Audit

The Degree Audit is your tool to monitor your academic progress toward graduation.

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Dimensions of Culture

The year-long program introduces TMC students to major issues in the history of the United States with an emphasis on the tension between the nation's founding principles and the inequality and lack of opportunity experienced by various groups over time.

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