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First Year Experience

Marshall College's First Year Experience Program (TMC 1) and Transfer Experience Program (TMC 2) are exciting 2-unit courses designed to help new students get the most out of their first year at UC San Diego and become more engaged and informed students. Learn more about UC San Diego's First Year Experience Program 

How to Enroll?

  • Log into Web Reg 
  • Select TMC1 (Freshmen) or TMC2 (Transfer)

Benefits of Enrolling in TMC 1 or TMC 2

  • Receive practical advice about student life and educational strategies for success
  • Get connected to Marshall college and campus resources, as well as research and involvement opportunities campus-wide
  • Learn from faculty who are committed to supporting your transition to college life
  • Interact with upperclassmen (discussion leaders) who remember what it is like to be a new student
  • Meet other new students

What students are saying:

“The course provides a lot of resources which I wouldn’t know if I didn’t take it.”

“It was great and extremely helpful to have a class where we spent time talking with other students and getting advice.”

“TMC 2 helped ease my anxiety about starting somewhere new. The lectures and discussion provided a space for me to ask questions and integrate quickly into life at UCSD”

“TMC 2 made the transition from community college much easier. It is a fantastic way to meet people and learn about the school, while also building confidence as a student and person! Do it!”

Meet the Team

Read more about your FYE and TYE discussion leaders here.