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Student Affairs Strategic Plan 2017-2022

"The last five months have re-invigorated the conversation about systemic oppression and anti-Blackness at the national and global level in ways we have not seen in decades. The people of Thurgood Marshall College are fully aware that we are in unprecedented times: we understand the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Indigenous, Black, and Latinx communities, we see the exacerbation of inequality for our minoritized student groups with the swift shift to remote learning, and we hear the current call for racial justice and a deep examination of the police state and its impact on communities of color happening across all 50 states and abroad. These months have challenged people and institutions to delve deeper and more directly into the ways anti-Blackness, White supremacist culture, and other forms of oppression are woven into histories, cultures, and practices of every institution. In response to this call to action, and as inheritors of the Lumumba Zapata College legacy, Marshall College Student Affairs chooses to pause “business as usual” with our Student Affairs Strategic Plan to be intentional with the way our mission, values, and goals are now situated in a context much different from the time of its formulation."

Read the full letter published in July 2020 about the Marshall Student Affairs Strategic Plan Update.

Marshall College has multiple units dedicated to your success as a student. The diverse and talented staff in Student Affairs are committed to creating meaningful, shared student experiences and building community. We are guided in our work by the following vision, mission, and values.


Thurgood Marshall College Student Affairs creates transformative co-curricular experiences in which students feel supported, challenged, connected, and called to serve their communities--locally and globally--as scholars and citizens.


Thurgood Marshall College Student Affairs supports the growth, needs, and well-being of our diverse students, provides meaningful co-curricular engagement and leadership opportunities, and builds inclusive communities in which all students can develop as scholars and citizens.


As staff members of Thurgood Marshall College Student Affairs, we serve students and our mission guided by the following values:

  • Authenticity. We model walking our talk and being real in our interactions, strive for transparency, and align decision-making with our individual and shared Thurgood Marshall College Student Affairs values.
  • Inclusion. We value the College’s legacy of resistance, social justice, and inclusion. We work to build equity among individuals and groups, and strive for a Thurgood Marshall community that truly reflects and includes all its members.
  • Growth through Challenge. True to our profession, we support students in their finest as well as in their most difficult moments, and challenge students to grow, learn, and develop as people, leaders, scholars, and citizens.
  • Collaboration. We work closely with each other, our students, UC San Diego colleagues, and community partners to create the best possible Thurgood Marshall College experience for all of us.
  • Connectedness. We are engaged members of the same Thurgood Marshall College and UC San Diego communities we strive to build, support, and strengthen. We strive to build meaningful, judgment-free connections and relationships with students and with each other.
To advance the mission and vision, Thurgood Marshall College Student Affairs will align resources and create, expand, or redefine initiatives in five strategic goal areas.

Goal 1: Inclusive Experiences

Alignment with UC San Diego Strategic Plan Goals 1 and 2; UC San Diego Student Affairs Strategic Plan Goals 1, 2, and 4; UC San Diego Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence Goals 1 and 2.

Create a strong, shared, co-curricular Thurgood Marshall student experience that engages diverse individuals and constituency groups in exploring their identities as scholars and citizens.

Strategy 1.1 Develop informal and authentic interactions between students, student leaders, and Student Affairs professional staff members which engage the exploration of students’ social identities and lived experiences. Create intentional space for students to share their stories and hear the stories and perspectives of others.

Strategy 1.2 Create structured student leadership development opportunities that prepare student leaders to adopt an anti-racist and justice-oriented approach to College programming and their student leadership practices.

Strategy 1.3 Attend to the unique needs of various student populations within the Thurgood Marshall community.

Sub-Strategy 1.3.1 Develop and implement a plan to systematically include and support students who are living outside of Marshall College.

Sub-Strategy 1.3.2 Strengthen relationships with HDH professional staff in order to better engage, support, and connect with Thurgood Marshall students who live on campus.

Sub-Strategy 1.3.3 Develop and implement a plan to include and support students who are undocumented, international, and/or out-of-state residents.

Goal 2: Programming

Alignment with UC San Diego Strategic Plan Goals 1 and 4; UC San Diego Student Affairs Strategic Plan Goals 1, 2, and 3; UC San Diego Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence Goals 1 and 2; Thurgood Marshall College Provost Vision.

Collaborate with students, campus departments, and other partners to provide meaningful, high-quality programs that engage students throughout their time as Thurgood Marshall students and beyond (alumni).

Strategy 2.1 Develop co-curricular programming that links and expands on topics relevant to Dimensions of Culture (DOC), engaging students currently enrolled, DOC alumni, and those who did not/were not required to take DOC.

Strategy 2.2 Align student-led programming with the college’s motto of “developing students as scholars and citizens.”

Strategy 2.3 Create meaningful assessment of Student Affairs sponsored events as well as student learning and development.

Strategy 2.4 Partner with the Office of the Provost, Thurgood Marshall College Student Council (TMCSC), and campus/community partners to further define Marshall College programming and traditions true to the founding spirit of the College.


Goal 3: Communication

Alignment with UC San Diego Strategic Plan Goals 2 and 5; UC San Diego Student Affairs Strategic Plan Goal 2; UC San Diego Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence Goals 1, 2, and 3.

Cultivate a broad range of communication efforts to systematically invite, include, involve, and engage students, faculty, staff, and campus partners in Thurgood Marshall College events, programs, and leadership opportunities.


Strategy 3.1 Create an intentional outreach plan to communicate more effectively with transfer, commuter, and Marshall students residing in other residential areas who may feel less connected to Thurgood Marshall College and/or may not be aware of programs and resources.

Strategy 3.2 Solidify the Thurgood Marshall College Student Affairs communication plan. Include new means beyond the traditional approaches (Marshall Memos, Resident Assistant posts, Facebook posts, College website) to reach students.

Strategy 3.3 Hold quarterly listening sessions with the Thurgood Marshall College Student Affairs leadership to learn about the experiences, needs, and hopes of Thurgood Marshall students.

Strategy 3.4 Create a cyclical social media plan, in collaboration with relevant colleagues, that interests and engages current and prospective students, alumni, campus partners, and supporters (e.g., donors, parents and families).

Goal 4: Physical Environment

Alignment with UC San Diego Strategic Plan Goal 5; UC San Diego Student Affairs Strategic Plan Goal 4; UC San Diego Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence Goals 1 and 4.

Continue advocacy efforts to ensure safe, accessible, aesthetically-pleasing residential and nonresidential spaces, remote work/learning environments, and staff workspaces within Thurgood Marshall College.

Strategy 4.1 Partner with the Provost to recommend College infrastructure modifications and advise on changing remote work/learning needs to appropriate UC San Diego administrators and stakeholders.

Strategy 4.2 Collaborate with Housing, Dining, Hospitality (HDH) to ensure that all residential spaces (indoor and outdoor) are welcoming, safe, accessible, and supportive of academic success.

Goal 5: Investment in People       

Alignment with UC San Diego Strategic Plan Goal 5; UC San Diego Student Affairs Strategic Plan Goal 4; UC San Diego Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence Goal 3.

Prepare, develop, and support people—our most significant resource—so that they can creatively, fearlessly, and best serve Thurgood Marshall College, UC San Diego, and the world.

Strategy 5.1 Support Thurgood Marshall College Student Affairs staff and student leader professional development through attendance at professional association meetings, and encourage staff and students to present and/or volunteer at professional conferences.

Strategy 5.2 Student Affairs leadership will develop objectives for continuing education and professional development for direct reports each year.

Strategy 5.3 Student Affairs staff will actively participate on university, national, regional, and state-level committees relevant to their respective roles, areas of professional interest, and expertise.

Documentation of the Work

We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and/or feedback! E-mail with the subject line "Strategic Plan Feedback."