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Marshall Class of 2020 Showcase


This year's Commencement celebrations may not look the same as in years past, but Marshall College continues to celebrate and highlight the amazing work and resilency of our graduating seniors.

Read their profiles below to hear about their accomplishments! The profiles are sorted alphabetically by first name. Also, be sure to check out these posts on our Instagram and Facebook. If you would like to be featured on our showcase, please fill out this Google Form. For questions, please contact

Marshall Grads (A-C)

Aaron Chen


"During my time in college, I spent my time working in a lab at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, serving the people of Ensenada through the Flying Samaritans, and exploring the nooks and crannies that make San Diego special. These experiences broadened my worldview and gave me an appreciation for incredibly diverse peoples and cultures of the world." - Aaron Chen, B.S. Biochemistry and Cell Biology / Global Health

Adam Kim Olvera

"During my time in college, I spent my time assisting other students with their future career and serving as a teaching assistant to facilitate a better learning environment." - Adam Kim Olvera

Akanksha Jain


"During my time in college I spent time preparing myself for a career in medicine. I was a student board member of HMP3, shadowed doctors, and worked as a Research Assistant in the Byungkook Lim lab. I gained so many meaningful (and fun) memories from these experiences, and I have gained life skills that will aid me in my career, as I move forward." - Akanksha Jain

Albert Le


"I spent my time in college wandering the line between the sciences and the humanities, watching them intersect and intertwine. As a biology major and a sociology minor, as well as a writer for UCSD's biology journal, Saltman Quarterly, many of my conversations and activities focused on the larger impact that science can have in our communities, and alternatively, how our communities can teach us to better approach the science we do in our labs and universities. This interdisciplinary mindset was taught to me back in Marshall's DOC classes, and will stick with me through the rest of my life!" - Albert Le

Alexander Arzoo


"During my time in college, I spent my time participating in Dr. Nicole Purcell's wonderful lab, as well as presiding as Philanthropy Chair of Alpha Epsilon Omega." - Alexander Arzoo

Alicia Yancey


"During my time in college, I spent my time serving." - Alicia Yancey

Aliyah McGuire

"I spent my time among my Marshall family, whom I met working in Marshall Reslife all four years. Through the amazing people I met, I was challenged, pushed, supported and uplifted to better myself into the person I am today." - Aliyah McGuire

Alyssa Granados


"During my time in college, I spent my time growing, learning, and engaging with many individuals across multiple platforms. My favorite platforms have to be UCSD Circle K International, TMC Orientation, and HDH Dining Engagement! Each one has taught me how to lead and succeed with the help of an amazing team!" - Alyssa Granados

Amanda Du


"Graduating Marshall college has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. From developing social and cultural competency and building leadership skills in my time as a Marshall student, I know that my experience will have a positive impact on my life and my future." - Amanda Du

Amar Dugally


"During my time in college, I spent my time exploring my interests, forcing myself outside of my comfort zone, and meeting friends to venture around sunny San Diego, making memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. Serving on a number of executive boards for organizations across campus, registering a record-breaking number of new voters with SOVAC, exploring my legal interests through the university's pre-law organization, working with the Human Resources department, engaging in the organizing of a number of on-campus events and opportunities, working as a undergraduate teaching assistant with the political science department, and traveling the world through the UCEAP program in Bangkok, Thailand are just a few of the amazing opportunities that have been awarded to me during my four years at UCSD. I proudly walk this virtual stage, today, a stronger scholar and a prouder citizen - leaving not only with a fresh perspective on the world but a wonderful group of people to call home." - Amar Dugally

An Phan


"During my time at UCSD, I spent my time learning about and becoming my best self." - An Phan

Anabel Novoa Vargas 


"During my time in college, I spent my time being involved in anything that supported transfer students, I am glad to have been a discussion leader for TYE courses at Marshall College. I am also very proud to have been part of the Triton Transfer Hub that was created by Transfer students, for Transfer students. Being a Transfer peer coach has allowed me to the opportunity to help other Transfer students like myself navigate life at UCSD." - Anabel Novoa Vargas

Andrea Carlos

"Learning from different communities and making valuable memories. From studying abroad to being part of the Marshall community, I gained valuable experiences that will stay with me forever." - Andrea Carlos

Andrew Nguyen


"During my time in college I loved spending my time making friends, making memories, and making the most out of the experience at UC San Diego. I'm incredibly lucky to have met everyone in Marshall, especially the OL Team and Hilosophy Club - you've made these years unforgettable." - Andrew Nguyen

Andrew O'Brien


"During my time in college I loved spending my time guiding trips through Outback, working in the Community Garden and hanging with amazing people i met at UCSD." - Andrew O'Brien

Anne Zhang 


"During my time in college, I spent my time serving my community through church, research and development. I was able to be an intern at Takeda Pharmaceuticals for three wonderful years, and it has been a joy to learn from and work with the scientists there. Thank you Campus Outreach, Marshall College, and UCSD for providing me with so many opportunities to be a Scholar and Citizen!" - Anne Zhang, B.S. Pharmacological Chemistry
Business Minor

Annyssa Mendoza


"During my time in college I spent my time meeting some of my best friends, interning at a hospital and enjoying my time exploring San Diego. I prepared for my future and met great friends along the way!" - Annyssa Mendoza

Anthony Versaci


"Graduating from Marshall is a celebration of all the great friendships and memories I made first and second year living on campus." - Anthony Versaci

Arya Sadighian


"During my time in college, I spent my time growing into and understanding the person I want to be in life. With the skills I have acquired through my time at UC San Diego and Thurgood Marshall College, I hope bring about positive change and meaningful impact to our forever changing world, both as a Scholar and a Citizen. I aim to be driven by righteousness while working towards an equitable society." - Arya Sadighian

Ashley Amaladhas


"I spent my time finally finding a sense of community on this huge campus. Although I came into UCSD fearing that I wouldn't feel at home here, I'm leaving UCSD after finding community through my involvement as a Marshall RA and officer for Student Health Advocates. Being involved with these two roles has made me feel more integrated on campus and given me the chance to meet so many incredible people. I'm grateful for the growth I've experienced and I'll miss my time here dearly!" - Ashley Amaladhas

Asiyah Syed


"During my time in college, I spent my time learning about myself, my community, and the communities around me." - Asiyah Syed

Audrey Byrne


"I spent my time working for the Center for Student Involvement as a Student Involvement Leadership Consultant, finding an important family in our team. I also interned as a JusticeCorps volunteer at the Hall of Justice and found a family in Chi Omega!" - Audrey Byrne

Bo Zhang


Boya Ren


"During my time in college, I spent my time dancing with Chinese Dance Association." - Boya Ren

Brian Lee

"I spent my time in Marshall College learning, questioning, contrasting, abandoning, rediscovering, and redefining justice and excellence." - Brian Lee

Briana Peters


"During my time in UCSD, I spent my time doing homework. I also interned for a political campaign, became an orientation leader, and met many people. " - Briana Peters

Brianna Liu


"I spent my time creating amazing friendships working at University Centers, Marshall OL team, and HDH Wellness & Engagement. I can't believe that my time here at UC San Diego is finally coming to an end however, I am so grateful for my college and for the friends that I've made along the way." - Brianna Liu

Brittney Rose


"During my time in college, two aspects that defined my college experience are my sorority Kappa Alpha Theta, and being a part of the Sociology Honors program, through which I had the opportunity to complete an undergraduate thesis with my amazing mentors, Christena Turner and Charles Thorpe. Theta has been an impactful aspect of my college years, as I have been able to grow and participate in philanthropy with the amazing friends I have made. The UCSD sociology department has guided me to become the writer and thinker I am today, and my professors through my time as a sociology major have relentlessly inspired me to push the boundaries." - Brittney Rose

Cairang Jia


"During my time at UC San Diego, I spent my time exploring my best time in the most helpful environment." - Cairang Jia

Carlos Eduardo Matos Ribeiro


"I spent my time in the CSE building, tutoring and working on my own coursework; in PC Ballroom, CPMC and the Che Cafe, rehearsing and performing with my friends from Musicians' Club at UCSD; in I-House, meeting amazing people from all around the World." - Carlos Eduardo Matos Ribeiro, B.S. Computer Science

Carolynne Vo


"During my time in college, I spent my most of my time in a research lab, as a tutor for the division of biological sciences, and as a loyal customer at Philz Coffee. However, the best thing was being able share memories with people that I have grown to love who have pushed me to be the best person that I can be. TMC has truly been family and my experiences led me to realize what I want to do in life—meet people, learn their stories, and help them to my fullest ability. " - Carolynne Vo

Celia Sanchez Zelaya


"During my time in college, I spent my time working on bettering my community and understanding how why it's important to actively engage as a scholar and citizen. I worked on a congressional campaign in Nevada, interned at the U.S. Senate for Senator Kamala Harris, was a fellow for UnidosUS, and conducted research at the Urban Risk Lab at MIT through MSRP, while on-campus, I was actively involved in Associated Students and through the Dean's internship. All of these experiences shaped me for the better to help create positive change." - Celia Sanchez Zelaya, B.A. Urban Studies and Planning and Political Science - American Politics

Christian Lay-Geng


"During my time in college, I spent my time figuring out how much I liked working in group projects. It helped me to realize my future career in web and app design. I also became interested in virtual reality and study abroad because of the great opportunities here in UCSD." - Christian Lay-Geng, B.S. Cognitive Science/Computer Science

Chuyang Xiao

"Finding what interested me as well as who appreciated me, including not only the computational neuroscience and the cognitive science department." - Chuyang Xiao

Cyanna Fairley


Marshall Grads (D-G)

Danielle Mai


"During my time at UC San Diego, I spent my time always meeting new people, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and studying endless hours in Geisel Library!" - Danielle Mai

Derek Mui


"During my time in college, I developed myself professionally though my experiences as a Peer Advisor, an Orientation Leader, and a Senior Orientation Leader for Marshall College. I also pursued my hobby in dance by competing on on-campus teams such as KASA Dance-Off and Sleepless Collective. Finally, I joined Delta Epsilon Mu, a professional, co-ed, pre-health fraternity on campus, which provided me with a community of like-minded, pre-health individuals." - Derek Mui

Derek Van


"During my time at UC San Diego, I spent my timemaking long-lasting friendships with amazing people through fantastic experiences!" - Derek Van

Dylan Schneider

"During my time at UC San Diego, I spent my time working hard on my studies, enjoying the environment at UCSD, and gaining experience from the jobs I had outside of school. My last year was probably the most impactful because I joined Triton Consulting Group and Triton Business Review and found my voice as a leader and a writer. UCSD and I had our ups and downs but I will miss it immensely." - Dylan Schneider, B.A. International Studies

Emily Hsu


"During my time in college, I spent my time giving back to the community, conducting insightful research on emotions in social interactions, and expanding my knowledge in multiple disciplinary areas. Being able to dedicate myself to things I'm passionate about has been such a gratifying experience, and I am thankful to have been lucky enough to do so through college!" - Emily Hsu

Emily Lee


"During my time in college, I spent my time giving back to the community, conducting insightful research on emotions in social interactions, and expanding my knowledge in multiple disciplinary areas. Being able to dedicate myself to things I'm passionate about has been such a gratifying experience, and I am thankful to have been lucky enough to do so through college!" - Emily Lee

Erik Mumm


"During my time in college, I spent my time driving buses, leading tours, interning at SANDAG, and planning the UCSD shuttle system for 2021. I also spent time abroad in Germany, playing club water polo, and racing Triathlons." - Erik Mumm, B.A. Urban Studies and Planning

Ethan Fan

"During my time in college, I spent my time in LIFE fellowship. This group of people helped me grow my faith and provided me a community that was very supportive both in the joys and the sorrows." - Ethan Fan

Gayathri Kalla


"I spent my time in college wandering the line between the sciences and the humanities, watching them intersect and intertwine. As a biology major and a sociology minor, as well as a writer for UCSD's biology journal, Saltman Quarterly, many of my conversations and activities focused on the larger impact that science can have in our communities, and alternatively, how our communities can teach us to better approach the science we do in our labs and universities. This interdisciplinary mindset was taught to me back in Marshall's DOC classes, and will stick with me through the rest of my life!" - Gayathri Kalla

Giselle Nunez


"I spent my time getting to know and love Marshall college pretty much right off the bat as I took the opportunity to join ACT, was an Orientation Leader my second year and did a portion of that year as a Dean's Intern. In my later years, I became involved in Camp Kesem and Homeless Charter, two of the most impactful organizations in my heart. Last, but definitely not least, being an Alpha Chi Omega has been the jewel of my college experience, it has taught me what it is to be a real strong woman." - Giselle Nunez

Marshall Grads (H-L)

Heather Anne Robles


"I spent my time in college for myself - to challenge, define, and redefine my values. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to invest in spaces I felt passionate about: planning events for my Marshall community with MAC and LC3, finding family through Kaibigang Pilipin@, and strengthening my faith with Pagasa at UCSD." - Heather Anne Robles, B.S. Pharmacological Chemistry

Hung Nguyen


"During my time in college, I spent my time with the Roger's Urban Farmlab since my second year. It was a wondering experience to be able to be part of a community to work on cool interdisciplinary sustainable agriculture projects and talk/present at conferences. For sure I can say this in confident that "Thanks to Rogers, I got to have a very enriching journey!" - Hung Nguyen

Jacob Sutherland


"During my time at UCSD, I served as News Editor for the UCSD Guardian, spending countless hours at Pressed Juicery, and interning through Student Affairs at Marshall College. Through all of these experiences, I have had the privilege to make new friends, learn more about intersectionality, and work to shape our Triton family to be even more inclusive towards everyone." - Jacob Sutherland, B.A. Political Science

Jacqueline Uy


"During my time in college, I spent my time planning events like Marshalloween, College Night and Cultural Celebration where I learned the importance of inclusivity within programming to make sure that all students are given the opportunity to connect with one another and enjoy themselves. In Thurgood Marshall College Student Council and Associated Students, I connected with the most dedicated student leaders and mentors that taught me to always choose care and compassion in the face of adversity. As a Lead Dean's Intern and Resident Assistant, I forged deep bonds with the community and knew that for the rest of my life, I wanted to continue to support others so that they have the energy, confidence and knowledge to enact change in our world." - Jacqueline Uy

Janice Yun


"During my time in college, I spent my time prioritizing my academic studies but also trying to get as much experience in different fields as I could. I served as an Orientation Leader for 2 years for TMC, danced in various hip hop teams, and also planned events for Trend, UC San Diego's fashion/lifestyle magazine. Through these experiences, I learned to value teamwork, voicing your opinions, and taking initiative." - Janice Yun

Jason Shin


"During my time in college, I spent my time creating friendships and memories with the greatest people I have had the pleasure to know." - Jason Shin

Jasmehr Singh


"I spent a lot of time dancing with the bhangra team, Da Real Punjabiz, and volunteering with the Sikh Student Association." - Jasmehr Singh

Jennifer Pena


"During my time in college, I created amazing memories with incredible people. I was a Marshall RA for two years, I was an NSF Fellow for a summer, I presented my summer research at a national conference in Hawai'i, I was in a sorority, I studied abroad in Spain, and I truly learned how to live my best life. I wouldn't have been able to do any of the above without the help and support from my family, friends, and mentors - thank you to everyone who has helped me along my path during these last four years." - Jennifer Pena, B.S. Marine Biology

Jiahang Sha


"During my time in college, I spent my time setting goals and attaining them. My college life was lived to the fullest in APM, CSE Basement, Geisel, Convoy to fuel myself to study, and sometimes Regents parking to sleep in a car. After being a mentor, a shuttle driver, and in several IA positions, I’m proud that, as an international student, I was able to juggle making new friends and working multiple jobs so that I have social life and money to spend, all while keeping myself on track towards graduating with 253 units in four years." - Jiahang Sha

Jiyoung Yun


"For me, Marshall College was a new home. Staying away from my family in South Korea, everything was new for me. However, my RAs housmates, and classmates from Marshall College gave me a filling of belonging and home. In fact, I was able to finish my four years of study thanks to everyone in Marshall." - Jiyoung Yun

Joey Uy


"During my time in college, I spent my time studying abroad, working at Marshall Advising, and walking to Gliderport to watch the sunset." - Joey Uy

Jon Michael Bernabe

"I spent my time trying to get involved in order to have the full college experience. I started this journey by getting involved within the Marshall community through orientation and TMCSC, and LC3. Eventually, I ventured out of Marshall and joined other clubs/orgs/internships/jobs to explore new spaces and develop new interests." - Jon Michael Bernabe

Jonathan Kim


"I spent my time developing an intersectional view of the world that embraces humility, justice, and respect. Working with the Kumeyaay Community Garden and DOC has helped me mature into a person who is more aware of the pervasiveness of injustices and more hopeful of the structural change we are capable as individuals and as a collective." - Jonathan Kim

Jose Luis Cardenas


"I spent my time working with Thurgood Marshall College Student Council to ensure us transfers weren't forgotten. My work with TMCSC is work that I value, and I hope that I was able to encourage and support my fellow Marshall Transfers." - Jose Luis Cardenas

Josephine Reyes


"I spent my time joining various communities and getting involved where I could. I learned so much from all of the spaces I had the opportunity to be a part of. Shout out to Marshall Reslife, Kaibigang Pilipin@, Women in Business, Re:Make, MAC, LC3, Teaching & Learning Commons, & Triton Athletics!" - Josephine Reyes, B.S. Cognitive Science: Design & Interaction Major / Business Minor

Kaitlyn Quach


“During my time in college, I spent my time stepping out of my personal bubble, growing my self confidence and meeting some of the most amazing people. I was able to develop myself as a mentor by being a BILD 4 (Introductory Biology Lab) Instructional Assistant and Thurgood Marshall College Orientation Leader. I am also thankful to have been a part of MEMO (Medical, Educational Missions and Outreach) to aid the underserved communities in San Diego which inspired me to pursue a career in healthcare." - Kaitlyn Quach

Karen Dang


“Graduating from Marshall College means that all of my parents sacrifices and my hard work to make them proud and be a successful student has been worth it. As a first generation graduate, I believe that graduation is a wholesale event that deserves to be celebrated with everyone that has made a difference in my educational experiences. In Marshall College, we believe in justice, equality, and equity and graduation from this college signifies that I have not only succeeded in achieving academically, but socially as well. Marshall College has reinforced the beliefs that I have about being a scholar and a citizen that always promotes equity and I plan to continue my apply these beliefs into the next step of my educational career and in my classroom in the future." - Karen Dang, B.S. Math for Secondary Education 

Kelly Cheung


“During my time in college, I spent my time in my 3 years with Marshall’s Student Council on Resident Engagement, I met amazing people and learned a lot about the Marshall community. My multimedia internship at Marshall has also been a great experience, allowing me to help create things like this Class of 2020 Showcase series you’re looking at RIGHT NOW! This might sound cheesy, but I’m truly grateful for my TMC family!" - Kelly Cheung, B.A. Communication, Transnational Korean Studies Minor

Kevin Chen


“During my time in college, I never pulled an all-nighter, technically. I've had so much fun being a part of Engineers for a Sustainable World, mentoring for Triton Community Leadership Institute, working at Goody's (!!!), and serving as a TMC Orientation Leader! My biggest takeaway from college is not the connections, but the authentic friendships I've made." - Kevin Chen

Kiara Gomez


“During my time in college, I spent my time in student government working in the best interest of all undergraduates" - Kiara Gomez

Kristina Manilay


“During my time at UCSD, I spent time spreading joy through music with the Hopkins Sax Jam, Pepband, and MUS 95JC and learning how to be an effective, social justice oriented mentor and leader as part of the Marshall Orientation Team. I can’t wait to bring all that I have learned into the classroom as I pursue my career as a teacher." - Kristina Manilay

Krystopher Weeton


“While in community college and UCSD, I spent my time learning from my professors and peers, and figuring out how to deal with the frustrating logistics involved with some of my classes." - Krystopher Weeton

Lauren Hong


“During my time in college, I spent my time creating a welcoming home here at UC San Diego where students could create deep friendships and memories that will last them a lifetime. Through my experiences I learned more about what it means to leader and gained invaluable skills that will allow me to continue to grow and forge my path forward." - Lauren Hong

Lily Javaherpour

“During my time in college, I spent my time reflecting on how cultural and socio-economic differences impact education and healthcare. I tried my best to expose myself to communities different than my own to understand these issues and the resulting effects. I did so by studying abroad as well as by working with Autistic children as a Behavioral Interventionist." - Lily Javaherpour

Linwei Lu


“During my time in college, I spent my time participating in the Student Council as an International Student Rep and working as the Orientation Assistant in Administration Office. I aim to encourage more international students to get their voice out and make them feel at home. Those great memories become my major supports and give me the strength to face all future challenges." - Linwei Lu

Marshall Grads (M-Q)

Madhav Mathur


“Over the last few years, I've learned and grown so much as an individual. Getting involved with student affairs and student council over the years has got me to appreciate the true significance of Marshall's ideals. To be a Scholar and a Citizen, to me, means realizing that my education here is a reminder to the duty I have to serve my community. It means acknowledging the privilege we have to learn at such a university, and making sure to apply it to fight for the most vulnerable amongst us. Just as Thurgood Marshall embodied the notion of a Scholar and Citizen, meeting all the wonderful students, faculty and staff at Marshall has inspired me to want to lead and serve my communities back home or wherever life takes me next! Go Marshall - TMC is family :)” - Madhav Mathur, B.S. Computer Science

Madyson Martinez


“Graduating from Marshall College means one more Latino Women achieving higher education. However more specific being the first women in my family to go to a four year university. Being able to graduate from this college also means the students who came before me gave me a place I felt understood and accepted from my background. I loved every moment of Doc and how it highlights the diversity in the world and especially students who are trying to achieve higher education.” - Madyson Martinez, B.S. Cognitive Science: Neuroscience Major

Maggie Mastrolorenzo


“I spent my time enhancing my student community by working and coordinating projects for the Teaching + Learning Commons, volunteering with kids and dedicating my time to my sport, so that we can expand all types of resources available to others. I spent my years at school being there my friends and my community with my friendship, time and commitment to learning.” - Maggie Mastrolorenzo, B.S. Human Biology

Maria Triplett


“During my time in college, I spent my time mentoring other first-generation college students life myself, working as a residential assistant, and building collaborations to address food and need-based resources available for Black identified students at UCSD.” - Maria Triplett

Marina Habashy


“I spent my time creating memories, chasing opportunities, and learning to better myself. The organizations and jobs I've been involved in have changed my life. I am forever grateful for the people who have touched my life during my 3 years at UC San Diego.” - Marina Habashy

Marissa Khalil


“Marshall is not a family because we’re all in the same college. Marshall celebrates the differences that make us who we are and teaches us to capitalize on our diversity, not hide it. Graduating from Marshall college is bittersweet of course. I have so much pride whenever a new freshman tells me they got into Marshall and it’s because it challenges me and opened my perspective and I truly see people differently now. I am sad to be leaving after my 3 years here but I am so proud of myself, what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve learned and who I’ve become. And Marshall college played a big role in that. To be a scholar and citizen is a lifelong task; it doesn’t stop now that I’ve graduated and I’m excited to keep that standard in my life as I move forward.” - Marissa Khalil, B.S. Physiology and Neuroscience

Matthew Yu


"I spent my time participating in many different types of activities. I worked in a research lab at the School of Medicine, served as an Executive Board officer for the American Medical Student Association, and helped provide medical services to underserved communities in Tijuana, Mexico. These experiences helped me not only adjust to college life, but also prepare for a future career as a physician." - Matthew Yu

Meera Swaminath


"During my time in college, I have enjoyed working as a Marshall Orientation Leader, being president of the Healthcare Policy and Debate Club, conducting research on health disparities and HIV at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and UCSD’s Translational Virology lab, as well as working to improve menstrual health under UCSD’s Public & Global Health departments. I have loved being a leader in the Indian Student’s Association and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Today, I graduate college with the passion and determination to fight inequality in healthcare and academia." - Meera Swaminath

Megan Young


"My college experience was defined by my research and my dancing, but also by the amazing people I met. I was a member of Finesse Dance Company and loved dancing with many other talented and dedicated dancers. As a biochemistry major, I was involved in chemical biology research in the Burkart lab and given many opportunities to explore my own projects at UCSD." - Megan Young, B.S. Biochemistry/Chemistry

Megumi Kawamura


"During my time in college, I spent my time exploring my interests, taking fascinating courses taught by established professors, forming lifelong friendships, and going outside of my comfort zone. From being on the marketing committee of a business organization, going door to door registering students to vote and organizing political forums during my time spent on the SOVAC board, and being able to explore the ins and outs of a career in law, I am grateful for the people I've met and the knowledge I've gained along the way. Perhaps one of the most defining experiences, however, was getting to travel throughout Asia and experience new cultures and ways of life during my one year UCEAP study abroad program in Tokyo, Japan. 4 years later, I am leaving Marshall College and UCSD a much more worldly and educated person with a stronger grip on the world - I am truly grateful and will cherish these past 4 years forever." - Megumi Kawamura

Melissa Yue

"I learned more about myself through my relationships with friends from lab, clubs, and Marshall OL team. College wasn't just about fitting in, but reaching my potential on this campus." - Melissa Yue

Melina Reynoso


"I spent my time cultivating knowledge and experiences that allowed me to give back to the community. I was a proud member of Associated Students, Thurgood Marshall College Student Council, Kappa Alpha Pi, Dancesport, UCDC program, and Muir Musical among other organizations that allowed to me express myself, serve the student body, and gain lifelong friends and mentors. I will never forget my years here and will strive to emulate the Marshall College motto of Scholar and Citizen in all my future endeavors." - Melina Reynoso

Meri Yedigaryan


"I spent my time at UCSD advocating for students through TMCSC, raising spirit throughout campus as the AS AVP of Spirit and Athletics, conducting research at 3 different neuroscience labs, and working with children with autism to break barriers." - Meri Yedigaryan

Micah Bawanis


"During my time in college, I spent my time involved in the a cappella group Duly Noted, the social organization Kaibigang Pilipin@, the pre-health organization Pilipin@ Undergraduate Society for Heath, and served as a Marshall College Orientation Leader for two years. In all these clubs, I met people who helped me me grow as a person and some became life-long friends. My college experience would not be the same without these people and the hard work we put on for our events to happen." -  Micah Bawanis, B.S. Pharmacological Chemistry

Michelle Castro-Pilar


"During my junior and senior year, I participated in the First Year Experience Program as a Discussion Leader for first-year Marshall students. This experience was the most important to me because I got to share my own experience with future graduates and teach them about San Diego, taking the bus, and where to play pool on campus. I left that position hoping to inspire my students and encourage them to get connected EARLY during their time here at UC San Diego. Every moment counts!" -  Michelle Castro-Pilar

Michelle Tong


"During my time at UCSD, I conducted research on MRI for quantitative ovarian cancer screening, developed a mobile application to teach kids about diabetes, and was involved in BMES. My experiences fostered a passion for improving healthcare and I gained lifelong friends." -  Michelle Tong

Mona Roshan


"During my time in college, I enjoyed hanging out with friends, researching in the lab, and being a part of HMP3, Colleges Against Cancer & the TMC Honors Council. It was a very fun and rewarding experience that I will never forget. I am so excited for what the future will hold!" -  Mona Roshan, B.S. Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Mona Wang

"During my time in college, I spent my time promoting mental health and working to improve the educational experiences of my peers." -  Mona Wang

Mu He


"During my time in college, I incorporated my idea of Ailink Technology Corporation. I have a great vision that people with all backgrounds can find a room and roommate here in Ailink." -  Mu He

Neal Nguyen


“I spent my time involving myself in student organizations and the ECE department. Through these, I met some incredibly intelligent and thoughtful people whom I consider to be friends for life!”  - Neal Nguyen, B.S. Electrical Engineering

Neeco Beltran


“I spent my time interning at the City of Del Mar, the Federal Reserve, and at Hive Media Group (an advertising technology startup). Additionally, I am the lead singer of Silent Island, a punk rock band comprised of UCSD and SDSU students. The jobs were impactful to me because I got to explore financial accounting and data analysis, while the band was important to me because it gave me a space process emotions in a fun and healthy way." - Neeco Beltran

Nicholas Bavafa


“I spent my time being a part of two labs where I was lucky enough to be published in papers for my participation in each. My most memorable college experience was completing my internship in Seattle for Amazon where I received an offer to begin my career following graduation as a Software Engineer." - Nicholar Bavafa

Priscilla Nguyen


“During my time in college, I committed myself into helping other students and I have found a wonderful community of student leaders hoping to change the world. Being an Orientation Leader skyrocketed my confidence into getting involved at such a large university and I was able to meet amazing, diverse people along the way. My experience as a Village RA, CASP Peer Leader, TMC Peer Advisor, and many more filled my time at college with impactful memories that taught me to value the bonds I made and to look forward for new opportunities. ” - Priscilla Nguyen

Quang Do


“During my time in college, I spent my time working at the Recreation Centers, making lifelong friends and memories as a Marshall Orientation leader, volunteering as a camp counselor for children affected by cancer, and grew such a strong love for UCSD and Marshall College. I wouldn't have done anything differently, and couldn't have asked for a better undergraduate experience! So long Tritons!” - Quang Do

Marshall Grads (R-U)

Rachel Dovsky


“Marshall College made me feel at home during my time at UCSD. I am grateful for the kindness, support, and friendships I have made in Marshall College.” - Rachel Dovsky

Rahaf Alharbi


“I spent my undergraduate degree building, writing, and reflecting towards an accessible feminist future. Doing research that critically engages with Disability Studies, Design & Engineering, emphasized the need of hiring, supporting, and including disabled people as tech builders & designers.” - Rahaf Alharbi

Riddhi Ananth


“I spent my creating a community of students who share my passion for chemistry. I have been involved with the American Chemical Society Student Affiliates for all four years and had the honor of serving as the president of the organization during my senior year. I was also inspired and empowered by conducting research in the labs of Dr. Michael Sailor and Dr. Andrea Tao. My experiences have motivated me to pursue impactful and interdisciplinary research in the future.” - Riddhi Ananth, B.S. Chemistry, Mathematics Minor

Riley Blue


“Being a part of Marshall College has made me more socially aware. I’m proud to be a part of a college that values differences and community. ” - Riley Blue, B.S. Chemistry

Riley Greene


“During my time in college, I spent my time trying out as many things as possible through work, volunteering, and studying abroad in Greece. I spent 4 years working as a Community Service Officer with UCSD Police Department, where I made great friendships and gained incredible experience. I also kept myself busy by working in Dr. Rickard's Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience lab and volunteering for UCSD Health.” - Riley Greene

Samantha Yim


“During my time in college, I spent my time doing this and that over the past four years, learning, working, & growing. I could list all the things I have done but I would rather tell people of who I became because of those things. I grew into a version of myself that was wiser & more compassionate than I could have imagined, and for that, I will always be grateful to TMC, and UCSD.” - Samantha Yim, B.S. Clinical Psychology

Sara Zhang


“During my time in college, I spent my time throwing frisbees on Sun God Lawn and playing on the women's club ultimate team. I've also had the best time being an RA this past year at Sixth college (wayyy across campus). The people I've met and friends I've made, both at Marshall college and UCSD as a whole, have brought me so many fond memories which I hope to always carry with me.” - Sara Zhang, B.A. International Studies - Economics

Sean Race


“During my time in college, I spent my time learning so much more about the world than what I saw for the previous 18 years in my small town. For 3 of my years here, I had the pleasure of working as a Community Service Officer (CSO), which allowed me to make amazing friendships and see more of campus then I ever thought I would. That experience was what made me grow most as a person here at UCSD and I wouldn't trade it for the world.” - Sean Race, B.S. Cognitive Science w/ Specialization in Design and Interaction

Shady Faltaous

“I spent my time learning from others, meeting awesome people, and most importantly, having fun!” - Shady Faltaous

Sharada Saraf


“During my time in college, I've written and edited for Saltman Quarterly, a group of insightful biology students who create science content that's interesting, timely, and above all else, accessible. For the past 4 years with this org, I've learned that bridging the gap between labs and the public has been and will be crucial moving forward - science is for everyone! It's been a humbling experience leading such a talented staff, and my time at UCSD wouldn't have been as rewarding without these folks.” - Sharada Saraf, B.S. Human Biology, Global Health Minor

Shreya Sheel


“During my time in college, I stepped outside my comfort zone by involving myself in organizations that allowed me to grow my soft skills and overall confidence. I'm forever grateful for the experiences and people I met over the course of three years through Thurgood Marshall College Student Council (TMCSC), a space that truly allowed me to find my voice and use it for long-lasting impact." - Shreya Sheel

Sierra Marié


“I spent my years at UCSD working as an administrative assistant at the Career Center, working as a research assistant at a lab in UCSD Pediatrics, playing IM soccer and volleyball, and holding executive board positions in Pi Beta Phi. I was also an OL for three fantastic years and wouldn’t trade my experience getting to know the Marshall community in this way for the world. I volunteered at Alzheimer’s San Diego and UCSD Health, and had the pleasure of being a part of Corepower Yoga’s Studio Experience Team. Despite my busy schedule, I always found time to explore new restaurants, watch many sunsets, and spend time with my closest friends. Marshall College provided me with unwavering support, incredible friendships, and countless opportunities to grow. #TMCWillAlwaysBeFamily” - Sierra Marié

Simon Martin


“I was lucky enough to spend my time in college around brilliant and exciting theatre makers through laughter, tears, adversity, triumph, volatility, love, and everything else probably. I've met some of the greatest playwrights, actors, directors, and designers here and I know I'll see them in the professional world very soon (once we find some sort of new normalcy).” - Simon Martin

Sina Hajhassan


“It means carrying on the values of Marshall College everywhere I go and continuing my leadership skills to rise up with the people around me!” - Sina Hajhassan

Taylor Do


"During my time in college, I spent my time with both new friends and old. I’m very grateful for the people that have come into my life, the hijinks I’ve done, and values I’ve taken to heart at UCSD and Thurgood Marshall College." - Taylor Do

Tiffany Lau


"During my time in college, I spent my time as a dancer, a Dean’s Intern, an orientation leader, a pre-professional fraternity leader, a designer, a researcher, and more. These meaningful years are thanks to the communities I’ve been lucky to be a part of." - Tiffany Lau

Tina Le


Tyler Chau


"I spent my time connecting with as many different people as I could and exposing myself to new ways of thinking so that I could become a more well-rounded individual. I wanted to experience everything that my college experience could offer and help make someone else's experience just as impactful." - Tyler Chau

Tyler Sepulveda


"I spent my time in college trying to make my corner of the world just a little brighter. From my time in TMCSC, to tutoring fourth graders, and ultimately serving up some of the spiciest memes this school has ever seen, it's been the adventure of a lifetime getting to spend the past few years at UC San Diego. It's crazy to think that, every day, I had the honor and privilege to experience opportunities that 5 year old me couldn't have even imagined." - Tyler Sepulveda

Uma Talagadadivi


"Marshall College gave me a safe space to grow to be a better friend, leader and advocate. I’m proud of my time as an Orientation Leader where I helped create an inclusive environment for my peers. As a Student Health Advocate, I loved working with like-minded peers to address problems students face on this campus. I’m grateful to have strengthened my knowledge of biology as a TA. And, I’m lucky to have found a sisterhood with Phi Sigma Rho. I look forward to being a scholar and citizen for life." - Uma Talagadadivi

Marshall Grads (V-Z)

Vanessa De Haro


"During my time in college, I spent my time immersed in the pre-med and first-gen communities. I was a research assistant at the Adler Lab, apart of Pre-Meds Without Borders, and Triton Community Leadership Institute. Each of these has empowered me to continuously create change in my community and has made me proud to be a first-generation college student." - Vanessa De Haro, B.S. General Biology

Yakun Ju


"During my time in college, I spent my time with my friends and mentors who guide me to explore myself." - Yakun Ju

Yang Lu


"I spent my time preparing myself for graduate school as a research assistant and an avid member of UCSD Psi Chi/Psychology Club. I also sought to apply my learning in real-world settings through my internships with the American Psychological Association and Acacia Counseling & Wellness." - Yang Lu, B.S. Psychology

Yanyi Wang


"For the first year living on campus, life in Marshall college was memorable. Extra curriculum in Marshall college made my life easier and more interesting." - Yanyi Wang

Yordanos Tesfai


"I spent my time involved with various student organizations that also supported my retention and success at UC San Diego. Additionally, research opportunities throughout my undergraduate career allowed me to expand my assumptions of my academic and professional capacity with regards to work in the field of public health research." - Yordanos Tesfai

Yuda Song


"I spent my time in Professor Sean Gao's lab at the CSE department. It builds up a significant foundation for my future pursuit of scientific research." - Yuda Song

Yutong Wu


"I spent my time broadening my understanding of diversity and humanities as working with fantastic Marshall College student council members, deepening my appreciation for sciences as helping in both biological and economic research projects." - Yutong Wu

Yuval Baharav


"During college, I spent my time on climate change activism, a ton of neuroscience and psychology lab work across 2 studies, TA-ing, and volunteering at a bookclub in Donovan Prison. A huge part of my college experience was outside the classroom; during my time at UCSD I discovered acroyoga, explored San Diego, learned that I'm an awful surfer, and most importantly found some incredible friends." - Yuval Baharav

Zarina Nip

"During my time in college, I spent my time building a family and community." - Zarina Nip

Ziyao Wu

"During my time in college, I spent my time in Triton Racing club and finished 8th in national competition. Also had great time in Geisel library and doing experiments in MAE buildings." - Ziyao Wu

Marshall College Awards 2019-2020

In Spring Quarter of each year, Marshall College celebrates a select group of seniors from the graduating class who have shown dedication to their studies and a commitment to the activities and mission of Marshall College. This year is no different: despite our current remote environment, we are proud of our graduating seniors and delighted to honor their achievements. Our College Awards are granted to students with exceptional accomplishments who stand out among their fellow scholars and citizens. Some of these awards are given for acts of service, others for academic achievement; each of our awardees represent a model for living the Marshall motto of scholar and citizen.

Provost’s Academic Excellence Award

The Provost’s Academic Excellence Award is presented each year to one graduate for outstanding academic achievement distinguished by a breadth of scholarship.

Krystopher Weeton


Thurgood Marshall Award of Academic Distinction

The Thurgood Marshall Award of Academic Distinction is presented to the graduate maintaining a near perfect 4.0 cumulative GPA during their time at UC San Diego.

Albert Chiu

Academic Advising Leadership Award

The Academic Advising Leadership Award is awarded to a graduating senior who is recognized for their contributions to and leadership within academic advising that exemplify the mission of the Academic Advising Office. This honor is not awarded every year, so the fact that the Academic Advising staff chose this year’s recipient highlights this distinction all the more.

Derek Mui


Allan Havis Scholar, Citizen, and Distinguished Artist Award

The Allan Havis Scholar, Citizen, and Distinguished Artist Award is presented for your outstanding academic achievement and striking artistic talent.

Simon Martin


Dr. Joseph Watson Provost Award for Exemplary Leadership and Community Service

The Dr. Joseph Watson Provost Award for Exemplary Leadership and Community Service is awarded to the student or students who demonstrate(s) outstanding leadership and community engagement exemplifying the Scholar and Citizen Model, and spreading the philosophy of Marshall College to the rest of our community.

Alicia Yancey


Jonathan Kim


Dean’s Award for Leadership and Service

The Dean’s Award for Leadership and Service is presented to one graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence, outstanding leadership, and significant service contributing to Thurgood Marshall College through academic and co-curricular activities.

Tianna de la Paz


UC San Diego Alumni Outstanding Senior Award

The UC San Diego Alumni Outstanding Senior Award is given to one graduating student who has achieved academic excellence; has made an outstanding contribution to the campus community through demonstrated active involvement and leadership in Marshall College; and has made an outstanding contribution to the greater UC San Diego campus community through demonstrated active involvement and leadership in the University.

Jacqueline Uy


Transfer Leadership Award

The Transfer Leadership Award is given to one graduating senior who transferred to UC San Diego; has served in Marshall College for at least two years; has dedicated their time and service to enhancing the transfer student experience on campus.

Jose Cardenas


Marshall College Outstanding Senior of the Year Award

The Marshall College Outstanding Senior of the Year Award is given to one graduating Marshall student who has exemplified Marshall College's Scholar and Citizen philosophy this year. As a Scholar, the award recipient must have a 3.5 GPA or higher. As a Citizen, they must have served the College. In the month of March, we called the Marshall community to nominate a student that fits this criteria. And in the month of April, we asked all of Marshall College to cast their vote.

Marina Habashy


Distinguished Senior Service Award

The Distinguished Senior Service Award is presented to Marshall student leaders for their commitment to the Scholar & Citizen philosophy through their service to Marshall College for a minimum of three years; or one year for transfer students. This year, we honor ten graduating students with this award.

Angelica Clemente

Anushri Jain

Ashley Amaladhas


Josephine Reyes


Kiara Gomez


Kristina Manilay


Melina Reynoso


Shreya Sheel


Tyler Sepulveda


Yordanos Tesfai


Oceanids Undergraduate Service Award

The Oceanids Undergraduate Service Award is given to one student with junior class standing who has demonstrated leadership and service to UC San Diego at the College or campus-wide level reflecting our Thurgood Marshall College philosophy. Examples might include but are not limited to: significant contributions of service to UC San Diego through student organizations, athletics, campus-wide advisory boards, or student government.

Hanna Lam


Marshall College Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award

The Marshall College Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award is presented to a UC San Diego faculty member who has exemplified Marshall College's Scholar and Citizen philosophy this year. At Thurgood Marshall College, we are dedicated to helping students from all majors become engaged citizens who are committed to serving society. Marshall students understand that their professional careers will take place in a larger societal context determined by complex histories and social struggles, and that they will have a hand in shaping the future. Students nominated faculty members on this criteria in the month of March. In the month of April, we asked the students of Marshall College to cast their vote.

Dr. Melinda Owens, Departmart of Biology


Scholar Cord Award Recipients

The Scholar Cord is presented to all graduating Marshall College Honors Program students who have maintained a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA required to keep their status as honors students with the college. This achievement is marked with academic dedication, discipline, and passion for learning.

As part of an important Marshall College tradition, we have presented these students with black and red cords that represent their high academic achievement.

Aaron Roy Chen Bo Zhang Haeun Grace Lee Lily Rose Medofer Ryan Philip Gershenovitz Xintong Zheng
Abraham Nathan Brauner Boya Ren Harrison (Wei) Li Luke Fumio Okamuro Sabrina Renae Richardson Xinyi He
Adam Kihongkim Olvera Brittney Augustina Rose Hirsh Makhija Mai Trang Vu Sama Anil Ailani Yakun Ju
Adam Trevor Kesten Cairang Jia Huiting Li Margaret Dea Mastrolorenzo Sara Maivy Tran Yang Liu
Adjara Tall Carlos Eduardo Matos Ribeiro Jasmin Eun Shin Matthew Atticus Kawakami Severine Soltani
Yanmeng (Nina) Shi
Adrienne Rachel Lee Carly Ann Soderberg Jason Michael Manley Matthew Daniel Yu Shady Youssef Faltaous Yanyi Wang
Ahsan Usmani Christopher Donald Oberempt Jason Shin Maya Dhar Sharada Saraf Yifei Sun
Akanksha Jain Chuyang Xiao Jeffrey Wu Megan Alexandra Young Shengdi Chen Yiwen Cai
Albert Baoloc Le Claire Loh Morris Jessica Elim Chan Megumi Liane Kawamura Shufan Zhou Young Min Oh
Albert Chui Cyanne Elizabeth Fairley Jia Hang Sha Melissa Anne Yue Simon Joseph Martin Yuan Zhong
Alex Masakazu Monji Danielle A Mai Jordan Rebecca Eddy Mengying Xu Sophia Robin Ho Yuda Song
Alexander Paul Arzoo Dylan Chase Schneider Keerthana Karthikeyan Michael Chang Talon Rex Cantrell Yue Chu
Alexander Zhou Eden Wanli Wong Kelvin Pan Michelle Wei Sze Tong Thiago Goncalves Marback Yupei Zhou
Alice Joy Yang Emily Hsu Kendall Ouyang Lin Mingxuan Zhang SR Tiffany Inyoung Kang Yuval Baharav
Allison Patricia Tegner Emily May Zhao Kenneth Grant Miller Mingzhi Xu Tiffany Ling Wang Zhaowei Li
Alyssa Mai Dinh Emily Mei Shipley Krystopher Wayne Weeton Neal Quoc Nguyen Trae Donnell Whyte Zhaoyi Huang
Amar Dugally Esther Pui Men Chau Kushagra Samir Patel Nien-Shuan Chou Vanessa De Haro Zhidong Cao
Andrew Cai Ethan Shiangching Fan Kyle Kim Ninghong Lyu Veronica Lin Zhixian Chen
Anh D Nguyen Evelyne Baratelli Kyle Kiyoshi Okamuro Olivia Zhou Vivian Yi-Wen Lin Zihao Zhou
Asiyah Amjad Syed Fisher Sterling Price Lara Danielle Grossmith Qiming Zhang Weiyang Wang Zinan Hu
Audrey Byrne Frank Junzhe He Laura Alison Feltman Rahaf Mansour Alharbi Wenjing Meng Ziyao Wu
Austin Vinh Le Gayathri A Kalla Lauren Michelle Appleby Rajiv Sancheti William Yue
Bhargav Venkatraghavan Gerard Luc Maggiolino Leah Christine Grayson Riddhi Ananth Xiaowen Zhang

Citizen Cord Award Recipients

The Citizen Cord is given to students who have committed at least one year of service to the College. Among the most profound responsibilities of any college or university is to provide opportunities for students to develop their capacity for leadership. These are the Marshall students who challenged themselves to grow as leaders and become agents of change.

As part of an important Marshall College tradition, we have presented these students with red and white Citizen Cords that represent their outstanding leadership within our community.

Aliyah Jaspreet McGuire Ashley Amaladhas Heather Ann Rapadas Robles Kelly Allison Cheung Meri Varuzhevna Yedigaryan
Shreya Kailey Sheel
Allan At Le Briana Nicole Peters Isaias Edward Zuniga Kevin Jia Yue Chen Micah Pastoriza Banawis
Sierra Brooke Marie
Alyssa Marie Granados Brianna Ashlee Lui Jacob Sutherland Khanh Huy Phan Michelle Castro-Pilar Tammy Chen
Amal Haseeb Celia Patricia Sanchez-Zelaya Janice Yun Kiara Gomez Mona Wang Taylor Thuy Do
Amy Tachi Duvall Chelsea Amber Devera Jennifer Grace Le Kristy Vo Mu He
Tianna Rose de la Paz
An Minh Phan Christian Yeachan Jo Jennifer Mo Huang Kyle Sung Neeco Hermano Beltran
Tiffany Waynlin Lau
Anabel Novoa Vargas Ciera Nichole White Jennifer Pena Lauren Jin Ju Hong Nicholas Farzad Bavafa
Tyler Scott Sepulveda
Andrea Carlos Derek Austin Van Jeremy Aban Leah Han Nikita Hegde
Tyler Thinh Chau
Andrew Thomas O'Brien Derek Tzechun Mui Jessica Ruyi Yang Lily Tuba Javaherpour Priscilla Phuong Nguyen
Uma Pushyami Talagadadivi
Andrew Vu Nguyen Devang Ghanshyam Patel Joey Uy Linwei Lu Priyanka Priyadarshini Mishra Vincent Gao
Angelica Yvonne Clemente Diana Tran Jon Michael Abaja Bernabe Madhav Mathur Quang Duc Do
Yasmin Rojas Gayosso
Anne Weiyin Zhang Emily Nu Ton Jonathan James Heskes Maria Diana Triplett Sam James Froud Yordanos Tesfai
Anushri Raj Jain Giselle Arianna Nunez Jose Luis Cardenas Meera Gomathi Swaminath Sara Kealani Peyton
Zarina Kwan Wing Nip
Arya Sadighian Haimanot Shimelis Ashenafi Josephine Reyes Melina Angelica Reynoso Sara Q. Zhang

Scholar & Citizen Cord Recipients

Every year, we identify the students who have met the criteria to be acknowledged as Scholars and Citizens. These Marshall College Honors Program students have maintained the minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA required to keep their status as an honors student and have demonstrated a commitment to leadership and service within the college.

These awardees have embraced the College's philosophy and motto of being Scholars and Citizens. It is with great honor that we present them with the red and black Scholar Cord and the red and white Citizen Cord, in recognition of their outstanding achievement.

Brian Zi Feng Lee
Meghedi Zargarian
Carolynne Marie Vo
Mona Pari Roshan
Dana Shigeko Patricia Chung Monica Wen
Emily Koon Koon Lee
Samantha Victoria Downey Yim
Jacqueline Florentino Uy Tina Le
Jonathan Hyun Kim Ting Yu
Kaitlyn Quach Yang Lu
Kristina Isabella Oliveros Manilay Yutong Wu
Marina Habashy

Congratulations to our award recipients and to the Marshall Class of 2020!