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Marshall Class of 2021 Showcase


This year's Commencement celebrations may not look the same as in years past, but Marshall College continues to celebrate and highlight the amazing work and resiliency of our graduating seniors.

Read their profiles below to hear about their accomplishments! The profiles are sorted alphabetically by their first name. Also, be sure to check out these posts on our Instagram and Facebook. For questions, please contact

Marshall Grad A-G


Alex J Hernandez

[B.A. Sociology  - Law and Society; Minor in Ethnic Studies]

During my time in college, I spent my time growing as a person and as a student, enjoying all the things college life offers!


IMG_3101---Alexandra-Sarkis.jpeg IMG_3508---Alexandra-Sarkis.png

Alexandra Sarkis

[B.A. Political Science]

During my time in college, I spent my time learning about social justice, learning about myself, and putting my ideas into action. Being an RA and a director at the Student Sustainability Collective were definitely some of the most rewarding experiences I had. I'm grateful for those who have helped me along the way. 



Andrea Espinosa Hidalgo

[B.S. Public Health; Minor in Sociology]

During my time at UCSD, I’ve met so many amazing people and gotten the opportunity to take on different roles through the OASIS programs. I’ve been able to be mentored, became a mentor myself and then a student coordinator, all while being guided by 3 amazing supervisors. It’s been a great 4 years :’)

IMG_3472---Ann-Nguyen.JPG IMG_9011---Ann-Nguyen.JPG

Ann Nguyen

[B.S. General Biology, Minor: Design]

I'm humbled to have been President of Delta Epsilon Mu and a Senior Orientation Leader for Marshall College. The people I've met through these orgs have become my career advisors, my therapists, and some of my closest friends. Much love for these orgs that gave me so much room to grow <3




Anik Zingariello

[B.S. Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience & Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major]

As a student, I spent my time appreciating all San Diego has to offer with the people I am lucky to call my friends.


David Jimenez

[B.A. Political Science: International Relations]

During my time in college, I spent my time trying to develop myself to be the best version I can.



Kuo Lin

[B.S. Computer Science]

I was glad to spend time learning lots of things in UCSD.


Marshall Grad H-Q

F3FDF530-2437-41B1-BA51-E37CA2346AF9---Holly-Hao.jpeg E30A7F53-35F1-4CF6-9FF4-8FD000FB7764---Holly-Hao.jpeg

Holly Hao

[B.S. Clinical Psychology & Global Health]

I spent my time working as a physical therapy intern at UCSD Health, a member of HMP3, working at Marshall College & ERC as a Residential Assistant, and interning through the Dean’s Interns Program. Through these experiences, I had the opportunity to learn more about myself and give back to the communities that I care about.


142505754_2481857292110535_6287073574798677110_o---Lilit-Vardanyan.jpg 75246716_479039086070551_4804843732954251264_n---Lilit-Vardanyan.jpg

Lilit Vardanyan

[B.S. Human Biology; Minor in Chemistry]

I spent my time working towards my academic and personal goals. I had an incredible experience being an undergraduate researcher in the Burkart Lab, being a staff writer for Saltman Quarterly, and helping start a new student organization, Students Against Misinformation.


TMC5---Jessika-Wood.jpg TMC1---Jessika-Wood.jpg

Jessika Wood

[B.A. Political Science & Human Developmental Science; Minor in History]

During my time in college, I spent my Geisel 2 East (with friends, of course)! Though I spent a lot of time studying, I loved being able to give back to the Marshall community as an RA, a Peer Advisor, and even serving pizza at Oceanview. I'm so grateful for the life-long friends I've made, and for the supportive Marshall staff and community!



Junya Chen

[B.S. Mathematics]

During my time in college, I spent all my time with APM basement labs. -.-

grad-edits-48---Julia-Ng.jpg 186553459_416680439716364_5621667676671483203_n---Julia-Ng.jpg

Julia Ng

[B.A. International Studies - Sociology; Minor in Psychology]

Working in the Triton Transfer Hub, I enjoyed all of my time getting to know and help so many transfer students like myself. Not only that, but I will never forget all of my roommates and friends I met in ISSA, SEA, CASA, and Club Swim. Thanks for all the memories and help make my time at UCSD more enjoyable!

IMG_5706---Mary-Nguyen.jpg IMG_8959---Mary-Nguyen.jpg

Mary Nguyen

[B.S. General Biology and Public Health]

I spent my time as a Resident Assistant and Senior Resident Assistant in Marshall college, working in reproductive health and GI Immunology research, and participating in 4 internships. I am grateful for everything I have learned and all the experiences that have shaped who am I am today!



Muhammad Khan

[B.A. Socio-Cultural Anthropology / Digital Video and Film Production]

I spent my time working on my creative skills and identity through my minor my major and TTV.



Paige Angne

[B.S. Environmental Systems - Ecology, Behavior & Evolution]

During my time in college, I spent my time hiking, backpacking, and traveling as much as I could.


Marshall Grads R-Z

 king-t---Rachel-Chen.jpg IMG_3688---Rachel-Chen.jpg

Rachel Chen

[B.S. Marine Biology]

During my time in college, I spent my time playing in/leading the UCSD Pepband and conducting research in the Choy Lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Through my experiences, I have met so many incredible people that will continue to be in my life long after graduation. I have grown so much during my college experience and, despite the hardships, have enjoyed every moment of it!



Sarah Jaimes

[B.A. Sociology]

During my time in college, I spent my time in Angela Space and made me feel so safe as well as going into random buildings on campus and ask how they can be useful to undergraduates which led me to meeting so many involved professionals who wanted to see me succeed.



Sarah Yee

[B.A. Political Science-International Relations; Minor in Law and Society]

During my time in college, I spent my time assisting the Center of Student Involvement, cultivating my professional skills in Kappa Alpha Pi's Pre-Law organization, and serving as a JusticeCorps intern at the SD Superior Courthouse. All these experiences have made a major impact on me by channeling my passion to serve our community.


2571A2A2-09A3-4D68-B943-A39B1AE74710---Shayna-Frink.jpeg 5409B5B7-C960-4D64-8064-9390B0574F85---Shayna-Frink.jpeg

Shayna Frink

[B.A. Communication]

During my time in college, I spent my time as Miss California Collegiate United States 2021, as the 2019-2020 Transfer Representative for TMCSC, the Vice Chair External 2020-2021, I am the MTAC Chair and one of the founding members, I served on the Undergraduate Housing Advisory committee as the Transfer Housing representative, I host Thurgood Thursday Lives (along with Provost Leslie) every week, I was a transfer housing RA in Mathews apartments, I worked at Foodworx and The Bistro, as well as being an active member of Delta Gamma. I have loved every minute of being a triton and am so proud to have been such an active advocate for transfer students no matter who pushed against it. I have seized every opportunity and made the best of my 2 years here and I thank God every day for bringing me to this school.


1---Thi-Nguyen.jpg 1-1---Thi-Nguyen.jpg

Thi Nguyen

[B.A. Sociology; Minors in Cognitive Science and Design]

I spent my time getting to pursue my passion in research for social computing and design through my department's honors program. Through this, I got to meet the wonderful people I get to call my friends, mentors, and UCSD family today. Thank you to everyone I met and all that you've done for me!


Zoe Li

[B.S. Chemical Engineering & B.A. Psychology; Minor in Science Education]

During college, I spent my time learning about myself and growing into the educator I always hoped to become. My experiences working with students have confirmed for me that I want to continue lifting others up so that they have the courage and compassion to change the world for the better.

Zhongkang Fang

[B.S. Computer Engineering]

As a student, I spent my time meeting people in Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF), trying so hard to find an internship and studying! They all had a positive impact on me.


Marshall College Awards 2020-2021

In Spring Quarter of each year, Marshall College celebrates a select group of seniors from the graduating class who has shown dedication to their studies and a commitment to the activities and mission of Marshall College. This year is no different: despite our current remote environment, we are proud of our graduating seniors and delighted to honor their achievements. Our College Awards are granted to students with exceptional accomplishments who stand out among their fellow scholars and citizens. Some of these awards are given for acts of service, others for academic achievement; each of our awardees represents a model for living the Marshall motto of scholar and citizen.

Academic Advising Office Awards

The Provost’s Academic Excellence Award is presented each year to one graduate for outstanding academic achievement distinguished by a breadth of scholarship. Congratulations to Kayla Marie Erler.

The Thurgood Marshall Award of Academic Distinction is presented to the graduate maintaining a near-perfect 4.0 cumulative GPA during their time at UC San Diego. Congratulations to Zoe Ruiyun Li.

The Academic Advising Leadership Award is awarded to graduating seniors for their contributions to and leadership within academic advising that exemplify the mission of the Academic Advising Office. Congratulations to Jessika Kaylee Wood, Gireesha Sabaratnam, and Sam James Froud.

Provost's Office Awards

The Dr. Joseph Watson Provost Award for Exemplary Leadership and Community Service is awarded to the student(s) who demonstrate(s) outstanding leadership and community engagement exemplifying the Scholar and Citizen Model and spreading the philosophy of Marshall College to the rest of our community. Congratulations to Malik Navarra Gilbert and Zoe Ruiyun Li.

Student Affairs Office Awards

The Dean’s Award for Leadership and Service is presented to graduating seniors who have demonstrated excellence, outstanding leadership, and significant service contributing to Thurgood Marshall College through academic and co-curricular activities. Congratulations to Hanna Lam and Danny Lu.

The UC San Diego Alumni Outstanding Senior Award is given to one graduating student who has achieved academic excellence; has made an outstanding contribution to the campus community through demonstrated active involvement and leadership in Marshall College, and has made an outstanding contribution to the greater UC San Diego campus community through demonstrated active involvement and leadership in the University. Congratulations to Rami Fadi Ibrahim.

The Transfer Leadership Award is given to one graduating senior who transferred to UC San Diego; has served in Marshall College for at least two years; has dedicated their time and service to enhancing the transfer student experience on campus. Congratulations to Shayna Marie Frink.

The Marshall College Outstanding Senior of the Year Award is given to one graduating Marshall student who has exemplified Marshall College's Scholar and Citizen philosophy this year. As a Scholar, the award recipient must have a 3.5 GPA or higher. As a Citizen, they must have served the College. In the month of March, we called the Marshall community to nominate a student that fits this criteria. And in the month of April, we asked all of Marshall College to cast their vote. Congratulations to Leanna Gasparyan.

The Distinguished Senior Service Award is presented to Marshall student leaders for their commitment to the Scholar & Citizen philosophy through their service to Marshall College for a minimum of three years; or one year for transfer students. This year, we honor ten graduating students with this award. Congratulations to Etienne Doidic, Irene Yuelin Guo, Holly Linqian Hao, Gabriella Annie Imai, Alia Victoria Jackson, Danielle Lee, Marina Noel Lee, Mary V Nguyen, Sepand Ryan Rouz, and Jenny Wu.

The Oceanids Undergraduate Service Award is given to one student with junior class standing who has demonstrated leadership and service to UC San Diego at the College or campus-wide level reflecting our Thurgood Marshall College philosophy. Examples might include but are not limited to: significant contributions of service to UC San Diego through student organizations, athletics, campus-wide advisory boards, or student government. Congratulations to Brandon Manuel Najera

The Marshall College Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award is presented to a UC San Diego faculty member who has exemplified Marshall College's Scholar and Citizen philosophy this year. Students nominated faculty members on this criteria in the month of March. In the month of April, we asked the students of Marshall College to cast their vote. Congratulations to Dr. Emily Rónay Johnston.

Scholar Cord Recipients

The Scholar Cord is presented to all graduating Marshall College Honors Program students who have maintained a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA required to keep their status as honors students with the college. This achievement is marked with academic dedication, discipline, and passion for learning.

As part of an important Marshall College tradition, we have presented these students with black and red cords that represent their high academic achievement.

Thomas Abraham Chang Gao Jadyn Kim Caroline Nguyen Setu Shiroya
Alexandra Westgaard
Riley Adachi My Garcia Ly Nicole Kim Stephanie Nguyen Sara Shobeiri
Alexander Weyant
Carol Alvarez Mason Gatz Keeler Kime Justin Nguyen Katharina Shultz Kristin Wong
Paige Angne Sevda Gholshani Sofia Klopp Savino Brian Nguyen Caela Sobhani Justin Wong
Saisantosh Attaluri Walter Gonzalez Valdez Aashika Korrapati Julie Nguyen Georgiana Soo Melanie Wong
Carmelina Azar Maya Gopalakrishnan Dalia Koujah Aisha Nur Francine Sotelo Sangwon Woo
Ema Belobrdjanin Rachel Gorgas Katie Kreitzer Monica O'Neal Samuel Steeg Jeremy Wu
Isabella Bernard Anai Gressier Aliyah Lawson-Malcolm Vikram Padala Ruotong Sun Ziyuan Wu
Rick Boelen Monique Grover Nicole Lee Pooja Pathak Weitao Sun Xinyi Xu
John Cavoulas Ali Gutierrez Eva Lee Christina Patricia Haihao Sun Mingyao Xu
Melvin Chang Samruddhi Hande Nika Lenci Kylee Peng Aaron Tam Sarah Yee
Crystal Cheah Darren Harms Ani Lermi Sebastian Petersen-Alven Julia Tamaoki Zhuojun Ying
Rachel Chen Summirlyn Harrington Cynthia Leung Delaney Pickell Alexander Tang Shengjun You
Bairui Chen Caeden Hart Lingxi Li Jack Polucha Ziyun Tie Claudia Yu
Casey Cheng Inaaya Hassan Yixuan Li Dustin Pwee Allison Tietz Lucy Yu
Marilin Colli Ron Hasson Xinrong Li Hongming Qi Maria Tiu Tiffany Yu
Julia Czeladko Max Herrerias Yuanjing Lin Shuo Qiu Hannah Toperczer Ethan Yuan
Madeleine Dang Brian Hong Kuo Lin Brian Rad Timothy Tran Joyce Yue
Fnu Danzenglamu Michelle Huang Yidie Ling Shayan Rahimi Julia Triest Ian Yuh
Zijing Di Julie Huynh Hao Liu Ashwin Rao David Trinh Honghao Zha
Lillian Do Carissa Hwu Qing Liu Amy Raswant Maya Vannini Queenie Zhang
Sebastian Dogaru Shania Ie Nicholas Loaiza Emma Reagan Lilit Vardanyan Yue Zhang
Yifei Dong Angelica Ilagan Briana Louis Hannah Rishik Raj Vaza Janae Zhang
Yuren Dong Rishikesh Ingale Hongping Lu Coral Robertson Cerry Vo Yuting Zhang
Nia Doumbalska Megan Isler Dan Ly Gadi Rosen Nicholas Wan Jiawen Zhang
Ellen Downing Wonsuk Jang Andrea Macedo Jeanine Santacruz Hernandez Yusheng Wang Xinran Zhang
Shayan Ehssan Sophie Jiang Kevin Masso Robert Schlom Zikun Wang Ruidi Zhao
Kayla Erler Deddeh Kaba Connor McClurg Rahul Shamarayar Juncheng Wang Licheng Zhou
Amir Fattahi Dan Kaliblotzky Ajeng McCunney Nadia Sharaf Xinkai Wang Shuli Zhu
Jingwen Fu Nilu Karunasiri Lauren McGee Jeanna Sheen Ashley Wang Yuan Zhu
Nicholas Fu Afra Khakipour Edward Muallem Yuling Shi Hannah Wangsa Gromit Zhu
Clayton Fung Trisha Kholiya Mustafa Naguib Caroline Shi Derrick Wei Mingjie Zhu
Grace Gao David Kim Thi Nguyen Soyoung Shin Austin Weinerman Xuebin Zhu


Citizen Cord Recipients

The Citizen Cord is given to students who have committed at least one year of service to the College. Among the most profound responsibilities of any college or university is to provide opportunities for students to develop their capacity for leadership. These are the Marshall students who challenged themselves to grow as leaders and become agents of change.

As part of an important Marshall College tradition, we have presented these students with red and white Citizen Cords that represent their outstanding leadership within our community.

Alexadra Sarkis Cathy (Kaiqi) Zhang Haley Amin Jonathan Cruz Meiyu (Tiffany) Su Sally Rong
Alia Jackson Charis Hales Hanna Lam Julia Chu Millen Mengis Sam Froud
Allison Huang Chloe Nguyen Hannah Kreitman Julia Triest Mingyao Xu
Samantha Yamaguchi
Amanda Lam Christian Jo Hannah Legaspi Kamron Williams Nana Kato Sarita Giri
Amie Park Claire Zhang Hannah Saltman Katerine Rashkovsky Nathalie Nguyen
Savannah Eljaouhari
Amir Golshani Crystal Wang Holly Hao Kathryn Gilbert Nicholas Liang Sepand Rouz
Andrea Swartz Danielle Lee Hong-An Vu Khaila Hartung-Dallas Nicole Kidess Sharon Park
Angela Huang Danny Lu Ikran Ibrahim Kylie Tran Nicole Marcus Shayna Frink
Anjali Vachhani David Lopez Ipek Talu Lara Obedin Nithya Ravichandran Sherry Yin
Antoinette Nguyen Ekamjit Gondara Irene Guo Lauren Mar Noah Francia Stephen Hoefler
Bianca Kermani Emily Tam Isabella Ying Leanna Gasparyan Olayemi Shekete
Suzanne (Suzie) Purpura
Bobbie Rivers Emily Ton Ivy Nguyen Lilliana Nguyen Orianna Borrelli Tiffany Lau
Bonnie Devenney Etienne Doidic Jacline Chung Lynette Dang Owen Jones
Timothy Minh Tran
Brandon Milledge Filip Weber Jacy Esteves Malik Gilbert Rabia Syed
Vanessa Morales-Soto
Brandon Ortega-Cuevas Gabriella Imai Jarrett Dubus Marina Lee Rachel Cage Wenqi Sun
Bryant Martinez Gireesha Sabaratnam Jasmine Kennedy Marlene Hernandez Rami Ibrahim
Yiting (Mona) Wang
Caleb Kang Grace Mary-Phillip Bahbah Jenny Wu Martina Mansour Sabrina La Yong-Yi Hu
Grace Nguyen Ji Na Mary Nguyen Sahara Rout Zytal Lenus


Scholar & Citizen Cord Recipients

Every year, we identify the students who have met the criteria to be acknowledged as Scholars and Citizens. These Marshall College Honors Program students have maintained the minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA required to keep their status as honors students and have demonstrated a commitment to leadership and service within the college.

These awardees have embraced the College's philosophy and motto of being Scholars and Citizens. It is with great honor that we present them with the red and black Scholar Cord and the red and white Citizen Cord, in recognition of their outstanding achievement.

Aaron Tran Harrison Tang Nilgoun Farhadi
Alexa Mark Hayden Guss Ringo Leung
Andrea Widanta Jasraj Johl Ruiwei Zhou
Ann Nguyen Jeanna Thottungal Sara Blumin
Brandi Khauv Jenna Morris
Shamim Khosrowjerdi
Brandon Banh Nguyen Jessika Wood Simran Randev
Brooklin Barot Jianan Liang Tanish Jindal
Callie Suppa Leilani Lu Taylor Mathis
Emily Lam Lusi Wang Tia Chen
Emily Liu Matthew Mittimore Zoe Li
Erica Chan


Congratulations to the Class of 2021!